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  1. until
    For the new members of this clan,you can do anything for ONE WHOLE MONTH!!
  2. You can DO ANYTHING Until Tomorrow
  3. Trade Metallic Unown (D) for Lvl.15 Drifloon PLZ!!!
  4. Selling Razor fangs for 560 pokedollars. Search my name to buy it. (Valid until Mar.30)
  5. Decidueye Arbok Combusken Wartortle Whiscash Kadabra
  6. Selling Razor Fangs for only 560 Pokedollars. Search my name in the auctions to buy it. (Valid until Mar.30)
  7. Selling 2 razor fangs for 3 days in the auctions.

    Search my name in the auctions to buy it.

    1. abrakadabraalakazam_


      560 pokedollars only


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