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  1. I get your point that we should be careful with these stuffs but my batchmate he is handling my account since last 3 months surely i have told him to take care of everything, but as I said already it happened accidentally and the leadership wasn't transferred to ign fairyworks intentionally and I forgot to mention the exact date of transfer is 10th March,2021 so it happened 5 days back .
  2. So my ign is nishant456 i had made the clan named Ineffables , I was on a break from the game since December,2020 so my college batchmate was handling my account. Recently he was doing some changes in the clan so while doing them he accidentally gave the role of leader to a member whose ign is Fairyworks, now that guy hasn't logged in since October,2020 and no one from our clan has any information about the person. Maybe his join in request have been accepted by the coleaders rest no one knows much about him. So all my clan members wanted me to take the leadership back but at this moment
  3. So I got a msg on my inbox from a guy named hellfire4k .He kept on messaging me and the whole convos is as follows i have listed below the reply I gave to him while his msg is quoted in each of my msg. so after this conversation I traded him the poke for training,he trained the poke for a few days and added a 1m exp to ninetales alolan of 3.2m exp and after that he was not training it significantly and one day on trades channel of pokemon vortex server he posted this I wasn't on atm but i got to know it in a two days when one of my friend told me abt
  4. Idk why ppl are getting banned for no valid reason and the mods claim to have done it for their own personal grudges come on man is it even legit it doesn't mean if u are a mod u got the power to kick ppl without any cause just for taking out your frustration on ppl it's a game come on don't take competition in wrong direction idk why these mods are proudly proclaiming after doing this ,u maybe a mod but u aren't a owner and even if u are u don't have the right to kick out your members these ppl are giving their time to your game so obv u need to show some grace and my mes
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