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  1. This account is CLOSED new account inteleon

  2. sorry nobody here understands that if you want to talk in that language please go to Pokemon Vortex Multi-Language Hub
  3. Hi bro Nice to meet ya! you play 3ds?
  4. Hi I forgot my password I just recently changed it then passwords.google said will I update the password I said yes then I didn't see that the password has to be 8-20 characters long please I know I have been playing this game for weeks but I have some leggies there email account is erinlucas629@gmail.com PLEASE!!!!!! IGN DOWN BELOW
  5. Hello everybody if you are viewing this please give me lots of reactions as possible i want to reach the month's top 5

    Thank you Pathfinder05 for giving me my first reaction I have given lots of reactions


    1. luc4sgaming


      hey thanks buddy @TheGamingWolf@Casper8901I am the month's top 5 but I forgot my password

  6. Can you give me a Lucario for a Shiny or a common Pokemon

    1. luc4sgaming


      sorry don't have one

    2. Mew50
  7. I have Lvl.100 Lvl.100 what level is your Blastoise
  8. please don't make forum threads to trade a single Pokemon instead go to the Community Trading Thread
  9. I don't know if it is a bug but can you fix it when i go to the clan it shows Elitest if i go to the profile of the Elitest it shows Elitist
  10. I really want a GTS is it possible to have an update? In Pokemon Game Series the part I love is the trading especially the GTS.
  11. Hi how much for the shiny Ursaring and Dhelmise
  12. Hi can you add me via 3ds Please!

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