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  1. Sorry, but as much as you would like, but this game "does not" add fake pokemons.
  2. OK, they use VPN. More then half of players ingame use VPNs for one or another reason. And still, what it has to do with you claiming they are "scamming players by fake exp train their pokemon.". Sorry, but at this point it looks like you are just searching a reason to slander player without providing any evidence of there wrongdoing?
  3. Please add screenshot of your conversation and all addition evidences you may have, as nothing can be done just by telling you were scammed.
  4. Sorry, but do you have evidence of scamming? Putting someones alts as friends are not against any rule... so ban someone for something like that is ridiculous. And what if he did not do exp training before, but does now. So player cannot start training exp for others? Sorry but if you do not have evidence of scamming/botting or any other WRONG behaviour, I would like to ask to not make baseless accusation.
  5. You have point. And it has been proven in May the 4th event this year. When lot of people were searching for event pokemon, map broke all time. So adding extra elements to map will affect fps and during hunting events will affect maps drasticly. And adding emotes to map has no real attraction as people who are on maps are there to catch pokemons or move to different map where they will catch pokemons.
  6. Funny story. Regarding eeveecuteness account. I got message from eeveecuteness saying that if i make his alt premium he will give me his account, and as soon as i told him i talked with original owner about his account being stolen he went offline. Anyway, it was fun talking with him. See for yourself and decide. I will just put full talk with "new" owner of eeveecuteness account. https://imgur.com/H27J04p https://imgur.com/2MRx4oV https://imgur.com/B69RXU7
  7. Plz help me


    1. dades


      from what


    2. ImmortalDarkCrow


      didnt i tell already ingame what you have to do to make report? I cant make it for you, sorry

  8. You need to provide screenshots as proof of scam, As based on your word only, nothing can and will be done.
  9. There is no such thing as Shadow Ban. You are just unlucky. It has happened to me as well. There will be days when its hard to find anything good, but other days it will be one after anouther.
  10. Sorry, but did not show any proof of scam. You only showed that you traded them to Hillsbro and then he traded to someone else. And thats not against any rule. And at that point you have no rights on that pokemons. If we go by your logic, i can trade pokemon and after week demand those back claiming that i was scammed. You have to show your chat with him where you talked with him. Where he told that he will train your pokemons or whatever Hillsbro had promised. At this point, its only known that you traded them and now asking someone else to return them to you for no legit reason.
  11. Betting in game that has kids as well? Pokemons are still considered mostly for kids so I do not think it's a good idea.
  12. I am not against idea of live battles. It would be fun, but across live map that is in use now... I do not think that is possible, at least with map that is in use, as now player by clicking/draging on it is moving, as result how would you challenge player to battle if only input that map can take is x/y axes movement? And I think, most players would just turn of live battles on map anyway. Reason is that players use map to train happiness, search pokemons. And many just would not want to get annoyed with challenges when they are in search for shiny UB. If live battles would be made in seperate hub, something like pokebay, where players that want live battles would gather and battle as much as they want. Then that would be nice.
  13. Considering how you asked someone to give you 4 premium pokemons and premium status! LOL
  14. Ones you did not recognize are probably fossil pokemons from galar region. Last time i saw one in pokebay. It was 70 mil pokedollars. I hope he will find someone rich and that person will give him what he wants, but i would not have high hopes
  15. Sorry, but considering pokemons he is asking for free, HyperPanther was polite. 4 of those pokemons are premium pokemons, that is 10$ each or 25+ mil pokedollars each. And Premium status is extra 15$. So, he is asking that someone would give him 55$ of stuff for free.
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