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  1. It's that time of year again for the Star Wars cosplay Pokémon to make their appearance. Available in all 6 variants; Pikachu (Jedi), Cubone (Vader), Psyduck (Jar Jar), Voltorb (BB-8), Scrafty (Ackbar) and Barbaracle (Grievous) will be spawning at a legendary rarity rate in the following locations: Pikachu (Jedi) Route 10, in the grass, during day and night Route 11, in the grass, during day and night Route 12, in the grass, during day and night Cubone (Vader) Nightshade Crypt, during day and night Route 21, in the grass, during day and night Psyduck (Jar Jar) Route 24, in the water, during day and night Route 25, in the water, during day and night Voltorb (BB-8) Upper Steelmouth Plant, both floors, during day and night Scrafty (Ackbar) Route 9, in the grass, during day and night Route 16, in the grass, during day and night Barbaracle (Grievous) Fungal Cavern, all floors, on land, during day and night
  2. If both owners of account are ok with it, then yes TreckoFan is not correct. But that is if both owners are ok with it.
  3. Sharing account is not against the rules of ToS. Only rule that is by any means close to this case is: "You may not access, or attempt to gain access to any account that does not belong to you." But as you are sharing account and it is your both account, then it does not apply. But sharing account has it own risks and if something happens between both of you (owners of shared accounts), it will be your own problem.
  4. May the 4th, Star Wars themed event is closest that is officially known. No other events are planned before this one.
  5. Users have option to turn chat off, and make himself not available to chat. If player is done so, he will be online, but will not be available to chat with. https://imgur.com/qKiAjzO
  6. What can I do if my Pokémon account was banned without justification?
    1. ImmortalDarkCrow


      In reality, no account has ever been banned for no valid reason. 
      And account is not banned if you cant access it, it may be Locked for period of time so admins can check what has said user done something that is not allowed by games rules.

      If it is deducted that user has done something that breaks game rules, then account will be banned you will not be able to access it, but if admins see that you have done nothing that breaks rules of game, then you will get your account back.

      But 95% players that get banned say that they did nothing that was against game rules, not even understanding rules themself. So best of luck and read rules properly and then there will not be any "ban without justification" issue.

  7. As much as i understand from what you have said, it seems you looked at bad example of trade thread. AS it was example of THREAD and not specific word "leggies", it has nothing to do with word "leggies" per se. So using said word is never said to be "bad" word to use.
  8. What would be best pokemon for Sauron?
  9. Gigantamax pokemons are not released yet, as such, users cant get them yet.
  10. Please provide evidences of wrongdoing. P.S. I said same to pk1234 when he asked me to make report
  11. LOL, sorry, but he scammed you and you still keep him as friend? Interesting choice. But, anyways. Being on same route is not against any rules so do not thing anything can be done. Grow up.
  12. I presume you bought pokemon promos. During claiming those promos you have chance (1/6 chance based on wiki) to get avatar of said promo pokemon If you want zamazenta crowned avatar you have 2 ways to get it: buy avatar from pokebay buy zamazenta crowned promos and hope to get avatar during claiming
  13. If you were banned in Pokemon Vortex discord channel, then you cant join back. As for reason why did you get banned in discord server, you probably broke one of discord rules (which one i do not now) And FYI one of discord rules: "If you have been previously removed from the chat, you are not allowed to come back on a new account for any reason (including to ask why you were banned)"
  14. Please provide evidence (screenshots) of your conversation with said person. Without evidence nothing realisticly can be done. You can use https://imgur.com/ to post pictures and links created should be posted in this thread.
  15. Look into ImmortalCrowsTomb trades as there is one up for trade. i will accept trade
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