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  1. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Why is saying leggies bad was marked as the answer   
    As much as i understand from what you have said, it seems you looked at bad example of trade thread.
    AS it was example of THREAD and not specific word "leggies", it has nothing to do with word "leggies" per se. So using said word is never said to be "bad" word to use. 
  2. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Anyone got a gigantamax was marked as the answer   
    Gigantamax pokemons are not released yet, as such, users cant get them yet.
  3. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Does This Make Any Sence? was marked as the answer   
    I presume you bought pokemon promos.
    During claiming those promos you have chance (1/6 chance based on wiki) to get avatar of said promo pokemon
    If you want zamazenta crowned avatar you have 2 ways to get it:
    buy avatar from pokebay buy zamazenta crowned promos and hope to get avatar during claiming
  4. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Need Help!! was marked as the answer   
    If you do not remember email address used when you registered it and it is not attected to discord account, then it is impossible to restore account as in restore password requirest email address on which account was registred and password restoring link will be send to said email address.

    Only option is trying to remember email address, maybe you saved in browsers password manager or wrote it somewere.
  5. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Christmas Event Starting Point? was marked as the answer   
    At this point of time, event is expected to start on 18th of December 2AM GMT and last till 31st of December 1.59 AM GMT.

    But as always, date may be subject of change, based on different circumstances!
  6. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Christmas Event was marked as the answer   
    Currently free Xmas Tokens are given out to players. Access to Event center to buy Xmas eevees will be available when event will start. At this time, event is supposed to start at 18th of december. 

    When event will start you will be able to access to Event Center. So relax and wait for event.

    That is considering that this years event will not be changed compared to last years and date may be subject of change, for various reseasons.
  7. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Number of Specific Pokémon was marked as the answer   
    There is no ingame option to check which pokemon in order you have.
    Players the moment they get rare pokemon, go to https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex and check how many of said pokemon exist in game and that way they know which pokemon they have.
  8. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Mechanics of earning Pokedollars was marked as the answer   
    Amount of money you get depends on difference in levels between your pokemon and opponents pokemons, for example, if you win team of lvl 100 pokemons with level 6 pokemon you will get lot more pokedollars compared to beating team of level 100 pokemons with your 6 level 100 pokemons.
    But there is bit of randomness as well, for example if you beat team of 6 level 100 pokemons with your 1 level 100 pokemon, your reward may be in range of 1500 to 6000 for example (do not remember correct numbers).
  9. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in What's a "battle" in happiness? was marked as the answer   
    Happiness is added to your pokemon/pokemons moment you see battle end screen with pokemons that took part in battle, exp and pds you earned in battle.
    Pokemon may live or not in battle, as long as it took part in battle and is shown in battle end screen it will get 1 - 2 happiness points.
  10. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in Changing Nickname as NON OT was marked as the answer   
    There are one more way to change pokemon name, other then contacting original trainer.
    That is finding Premium player, as  they can change name of pokemons even if they are not OT of said pokemon. 
    Pokemon does not lose its name after it was traded to someone.
    That is function for premium players.
  11. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in RECOVER ACCOUNT was marked as the answer   
    Did you check spam folder? Sometimes password recovery email may go there. And be 100% sure that is correct email you used when you created account.
    Why does he have to have proof if he is just using Password Recovery and he is asking help with email that does not come.
  12. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in profile design update please was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you are making request, not asking question. This section of forum is for asking questions about game and stuff of that sort, not to make requests for something to be done that you want. Use general section of forum for that at least.
  13. ImmortalDarkCrow's post in So I find this was marked as the answer   
    It tax to reduce amount of money ingame, money sink. So players would work to get money and money would not lose value
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