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  1. sorry don't have gengarite.
  2. You own all of the Latest Topics.

    oh my god omg GIF

  3. wanna trade for my?
  4. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

    The link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wtM24SxbwhQoCW8noJE1g?view_as=subscriber

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    2. nogodpleaseno
    3. nogodpleaseno


      at 4:50 on this video look to the right im in it


    4. harith


      dude i want arceus


  5. Alright then! for it? (If you trade the Arceus (Ice) then you can also have the Kyogre)
  6. Is the Pokemon Vortex logo like this or am I lagging? It's the YouTube logo instead of a Pokeball logo.
  7. Oh wait. I don't need Floette. Can you just give me the PD? I really need PDs.
  8. IGN: inteleon Nos Thanks @VITOL! (I entered again cause it has been ages since my last entry)
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