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  1. Encountered a Shiny Charmander weeks ago and I didn't think about the right attack to damage it... Then I killed it.
  2. and return mega snorlax to shadownova711
  3. bro dont giveaway ur password its against rules
  4. then after list eternatus then i'll offer a useless pokemon
  5. List a pokeball instead because someone might bid on the eternatus
  6. Thank you so much and I hope your friend gets better soon!
  7. 33 Followers LETS GOOOO

    1. Punz
    2. Pokomaster29


      People stopped following me lol and even some had non-followed me like dades and red but still I am following me 😎😎. But I think I am being rude and that's why I've got 0 followers in 2 or maybe 3 weeks . So I will behave softly to everyone now 

  8. how to rank up from newbie

    1. inteleon


      post more stuff in forums

  9. I don't think they will provide a mobile version of the game. Because Pokemon Vortex is meant to play in PC
  10. I recommend catching level 6 flying types or ground types then, battle them out with training accounts.
  11. i play pokemon sun and i have decidueye

    1. Ordanosphite


      I play sun and ultra moon, as well as sword and shield. Can’t wait for legends arceus!!!

  12. how much for mega abomasnow avatar
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