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  1. Yes i have 2 shiny zorua my ign is rahman-2 you can send me friend request and we can tie up a deal
  2. Sir i wanted a virizion so "ign: coldmythic" Asked me about virizion i agreed and deal held between us is 26k he putted pokeball in auct ,i bidded the auction id is #0002797594 after bidding he is telling "why did u bidded first omg u r a scammer" etc and not offering virizion on my trades so sir plz help me to get out from this problem thanks.. as a proof i am giving u screen shots refor below links 1.https://ibb.co/4WjwYQM 2.https://ibb.co/pWXBz1q 3.https://ibb.co/5LZJgz7 4.https://ibb.co/kXDRhTW 5.https://ibb.co/LtkgLBw 6.https://ibb.co/C6FxVHk 7.https://ibb.co/55DQ6gs 8.https://ibb.co/tQvXvKZ 9.https://ibb.co/HPDRTZC 10.https://ibb.co/7y6tqjv 11.https://ibb.co/KWcsNgS 12.https://ibb.co/gFQXKRx 13.https://ibb.co/4282nmY 14.https://ibb.co/t294gzS 15.https://ibb.co/tKsqscJ 16.https://ibb.co/gZ7ymT6 17.https://ibb.co/tczQbNm 18.https://ibb.co/z5FTHWL I will be thankful if pokemon-vortex team solve this problem and save us from scammers
  3. Bro same error occured in my account also and when i checked i found that the person who want to be friend is already in friend list so when i clicked on accept it doesnt accept and when i clicked on decline it worked. So just try to decline it first then u send him friend request
  4. https://ibb.co/J32B9dW https://ibb.co/x3WCYt4 https://ibb.co/GvwKw24 Respected patric sir, When i found a on dragon map and when i clicked on battle it's not showing my pokemon team and and when i clicked on battle again it is not showing the hp nor the pokeballs although i have 1 vortex ball. Plz fix this problem I lost an ultra beast although having a vortex ball... Above are the screen shots for proof
  5. Yes i appreciate this idea its really a great plan
  6. Sir you need to follow some steps to understand my question STEP 1: Go to any map and move around till a pokemon appear. When Click on its name pokedex doesn't opens .Now consider this situation as (Situation1) STEP 2 : Click on 'Battle!' Then New page opens where your pokemons and the pokemon which appeared is present now consider this situation as (Situation2). STEP 3 : click on pokemon's name which appeared on map. You see that from left side pokedex opens and it shows "POKEMON TYPE", "AMOUNT CAUGHT" "POKEDEX NUMBER", "ATTACKS ", "GENDER RATIO" and "EVOLUTION" ETC. consider this situation as (Situation3) NOW SIR IN STEP1 WHEN YOU CLICKED ON POKEMON NAME POKEDEX DIDN'T APPEARED AND WHEN AFTER CLICKING ON BATTLE IF WE CLICK ON ITS NAME POKEDEX IS OPENING SO I WANT TO SAY THAT IF WE CLICK ON ITS NAME IN (Situation1), (Situation3) should appear .....sorry for giving you a problem. Thanks. God bless you
  7. I want to boost up my shiny ditto so which is the training account for ditto
  8. In maps if we find a pokemon and before battling to it if we click on its name pokemon vortex.com not showing any information about that pokemon
  9. Rahman-2

    Id required

    Requested patric, from my another id "Abdul-2" my gmail is erased and when I click on "forgot password" and enter my details it shows invalid pls help me to get out from this problem my previos gmail was ab***s*****1002@gmail.com.
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