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  1. Bro u should battle in sidequests to get 1
  2. Hi Bro u need pds or pokes check my ign rahman-2
  3. Hi My ign is rahman-2 Hope to win any galar legends or any poke will work
  4. I know where we can find zacian, At night go to route(ruta) 24 at there u will find grass search in that grass which is located near to lemonade shop, There u can see many ppls searching, exact!! That is the place where u can find zacian i found a shadow zacian and 2 normal zacians there only u can also catch and Do You Know? If we find 1 zacian we have chance to get its avatar in our inventory for free of cost and i also got an avatar for free so i sold that avatar for 7m on auctions!! Then why are you waiting here? head towards route 24! and find u r zacian today!! And if u need map of all routes then this this is the image for u r help.. download it!! For easy hunting Happy hunting may u get a shiny one
  5. Yes my ign is rahman-2
  6. Yeah, its an fabulous idea, I think it should be applied in vortex to make it more interesting
  7. hey read my message

    1. nivetha


      i dont know why these guys putting these things in public status


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