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  1. Hi baleaf you are my 100 reply! you get a free ☆☆☆☆☆☆! Go to my trades to claim
  2. Godlikereese is it done yet tou said 2 weeks and it has been 2 weeks
  3. Sure it's up for trade No thanks could buy one for cheap Lemme look You say my most basic for a really rare. I'll give both kyurems for that Dude stop being so rude I'll give more than just one so stop I run this not you Tell me what you want First one isn't a bad trade and second I dont need you pointing out the obvious
  4. I'll get you one. Got it. I will post a pokeball for auction on pokebay. You go to browse auctions and search firegolem47 and purchase the pokeball. Then go to my profile and click trades and it's up for trade. Trade me anything you want
  5. Like 6 leggies that's about it. If you want something go to my topic ☆☆trade hub new pokes updated daily☆☆
  6. I'm on phone and it doesn't have that icon
  7. How do you hide comments timezone?
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