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  1. Shiny?? Friend me so we can talk. I need a shiny zeraora. And maybe all the pokes you asked for will be given. I got quite a few
  2. All of my pokes are now in my account
  3. I dont have discord. I just got hacked 2 days ago and my shiny guzzlord is gone. For more details on the hack go to my profile and click on my topic I got hacked
  4. Hacker give it back

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    2. jeffpig


      who you callin a idi**

    3. Firegolem47


      Not what sussy baka means jeff. Look it up in urban dictionary

    4. jeffpig


      baka means idi**

  5. I have a dark kartana, shiny guzzlord and I think some others
  6. Check my trades ign: firegolem47
  7. How do you put the pokemon up there? I thought they removed that
  8. Keep ur opinions to urself don’t post them on my thread

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    2. HyperPanther


      Oh and is crap a cuss word?? Cause clearly someone is being a hypocrite 

    3. Firegolem47


      Crap is not a cuss word. And that is a flat out cuss word and you know it. If I don't say it it's a cuss word because I'm a 100 percent clean. How bout this. I stop judging your comments if you stop judging other people

    4. HyperPanther
  9. Nothing. There is nothing good in ur account. Not even a shiny groudon primal you said you have. Your account is red_wolf_ right?
  10. Hey red_wolf. Get me Shiny hoopa unbound for mewtwo evolution, mystic zacian, and barbarcle grevious
  11. New pokes! Mystic zacian and dark kartana!
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