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  1. If you want to buy it 1m if you want to trade for it idk
  2. Shadow lucario plz. I offer ,, and shiny chesengaught for shadow lucario. Worth of what I’m offering is 2.5m
  3. Lol I got it like a minute ago
  4. Dude! I’m giving you 3m pd worth of pokes here for a 2m dollar poke. Why you need so much
  5. No that’s too valuable. How about shiny blastoise mega and shiny palkia. Shiny blastoise mega is worth 2.5m. If you don’t want that deal then look at my trades for something else
  6. Check my trades and account for what you want
  7. I’ll give all that plus for it. Personally happiness training it does not make its value any higher or lower
  8. Don’t do that or I’ll make sure you dont
  9. Lol no I saw you were looking at the topic but not saying anything so I said go ahead and enter
  10. @LordZeus21 go ahead and enter
  11. Because oddly unique rares are worth more
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