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  1. Hello everyone would you be so kind to feed me some basic starters or normal leggies or uniques. Basically anything except basics/unique basics
  2. Congratulations go are winner @natseb you won a fertgiliger sorry I don’t know how to spell it claim your prize in trades
  3. Want or promo codes will offer 24.8 pd and a shiny riblaboom that May be the first in game. If you don’t want that you can have 24.8m pd and a metallic lucario mega
  4. It keeps going and you can enter as many times as you want
  5. Sry for the MAJOR delay I was on vacation. The winner of this giveaway is @Mr.Starkfromwhoknows!you won a ! Offer anything on it in trades
  6. Oh nvm sry no arceus fighting is worth 700k
  7. Ok offer them on my trades. You know I would never scam someone
  8. uh hey fren, i dont see either of what i want in ur profile

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