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  1. Will Wonder Trades ever come back? I've always wanted to see what it was like
  2. Trading a dark xerneas (neutral)PROMOCODE
    Looking for Exp Only

    Pm me in game or reply here :/

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    2. JerryBananas


      What's your offer @Babby246



    3. Babby246


      Ma y I know how much is it worth of

    4. JerryBananas


      About 10m, and are you offering exp or another promo?

  3. If you're in the Pokemon Vortex Discord and you say !missingevents Kalipo for example, you can see that the urshifu forms are event pokemon, so yeah i guess they would be an event pokemon
  4. Wow guys thanks for the dislikes, couldn't have gotten better, really appreciate it, you shouldn't have......
  5. I see that a lot of people are not enjoying the game when it comes to lottery because there are so many people who wants to win an what would make the game more fun would be to have a limit of how many lottery tickets each player could buy so that the same people don't keep winning every time the lottery comes out.
  6. Tradingmystic thundurus (therian)dark xerneas (neutral)PROMOS
    Looking for Exp or other unique event promos in exchange 

  7. Also trading a shiny arceus (rock)promo, tell me your offers

  8. Also looking for zubat (halloween)golbat (halloween)
    Offeriing: shiny furfrou (kabuki)
    pm me if you got both

  9. Looking for Trained Exp (EXP ALREADY TRAINED):

    Offering: metallic meloetta (aria)shiny kyurem (black)dark caterpie (christmas)shiny furfrou (kabuki)

  10. hi

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    2. PokemonZayden


      i will give u anything i have

    3. JerryBananas


      I don't want anything you have besides shiny lunala, but that's not enough itself

    4. PokemonZayden


      u want anything on the side?

  11. Looking for: zubat (halloween)
    Not offering pds or exp, ign JerryBananas, just tell me what you want for them

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