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  1. Shiny MorpekoReturned today.

    1. tazzer


      Welcome back 🙂

  2. wait you can't trade pokemon for items can you...
  3. note: it is on my other account, gauia , so just look for that account
  4. hi guys i will give you all my duplicate shiny pokemon (there are 4) for an ampharosite beacause I want to be able to mega evolve my metallic Ampharos, Peppermint. the shinys are glameow, ponyta, tauros, and wooloo. so please take my shinys Shiny Glameow Shiny Ponyta Shiny Tauros Shiny Wooloo
  5. BRUH i am giving you guys frillish for sneasel or sobble! please do not ask me why i am doing this and i do not have sobble. sorry for the misunderstanding.
  6. guys. I. am. giving. you. frillish. if. you. want.
  7. I am giving the Frillish, not the Sobble! and you are right, i do not have a Sobble.
  8. I am also accepting Sneasel if you do not want to give up your Sobble
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