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  1. Beast1546

    Uniques Shiny Shop

    It's less of scamming, and more of just getting a bargain. These hunts aren't worth it anyway.
  2. Honestly man, that's kind of a hefty price for only heart training...
  3. I 100% agree here, there's no point in trying to boost Greninja (Ash) just because he's 'OP' in the anime. The anime is way looser then the games, and legendaries like Tapu Koko are pretty insane in the anime, but not necessarily in the games. It's not really 'weird' that it's 'OP' in the anime and not here, this isn't based off the anime and references the games more. Finally, the anime isn't canon. No point is determining whether a Pokémon is 'OP' or not due to their anime appearance.
  4. I've got multiple Ackbar's if you're interested, a Necrozma, and some of those event exclusives.
  5. It's a pretty easy Pokémon to get...
  6. Honestly, I don't know how to title this, but how much has Pokémon Vortex changed recently? I think it's interesting because I've noticed when I check out newer accounts they seem to start in either April or May, pretty recently. Has there been a surge in new players recently? I've been off of Vortex for about, my god, I think nearly a year. I remember the Arceus (Dragon) event being my last event, sad I missed out on that one, but it was still in the mapped out form, with different areas specifically (at least normally) for different types. I was shocked when I came back and I saw the 5.0.0 r
  7. But he joined in the beginning of April... that's not very 'die-hard'.
  8. That doesn't make any sense, ask a moderator? With what, discord? You even say, ask a moderator in discord. I'm banned from the discord. Use your brain when replying to forum posts.
  9. Ok, I'm sorry, what? I feel as if 1. I'm talking to a kid, and 2., You normally aren't thinking rationally when you talk back to someone. Please understand the question more as it was about a year ago and I've matured.
  10. I personally am extremely hyped for the upcoming event. However, I was thinking about trying to get some money off it, until I went to Stillwater Quarry and saw the dozens of people there. I know it won't be too hard to get maxed out friendship, and I doubt that it'll be worth too much. I also wonder about the uniques, although shiny Ash-Greninja will most likely be worth a decent amount, due to it being a shiny. Thoughts on the new event being a rarity or being a common Pokémon?
  11. "and want you to evolve it" Either way, Ash-Greninja, unless unique I suppose, probably won't be worth too much. Too common.
  12. Beast1546

    Uniques Shiny Shop

    You don't tell him that, you want lower prices.
  13. I would assume you mean shiny of those Pokemon? And I would never take that trade for those Pokemon.
  14. Almost a year ago, (I think), I was banned from the discord server for, if I remember correctly, talking back to a moderator. I feel as if I've matured, and wonder if there's a way to be unbanned from the discord as I would like to communicate more about Pokemon Vortex even if I'm not playing it.
  15. Beast1546

    Uniques Shiny Shop

    Bit much there bud... I'd rather spend the time myself then spend 30k PD. I do see you're a bit of a newer player, so some advice: shines are easily hunted, and are not worth 30k.
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