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  1. I need help guys!

    Anyone can help me?


    I'm desperately in need of a Shiny Gastly or a Shiny Haunter or a Shiny Gengar.

    Shiny Gastly,Shiny HaunterShiny Gengar

    Can anyone give me one? I can offer you a legendary pokemon just for it!! (It's either a Zekrom or a Zygarde, or both)


    Please guys, please help me!! :)

    Message me if you have one and willing to give it to me. It can be of any level. 

    IGN: Eternity0867

    1. cursed_charmander12


      i will try find one for you 

    2. aryasa


      I can give you a shadow gastly

    3. Eternity0867



      A shadow Gastly is fine for me, but what would you like me to offer? Check my pokes, and tell me.

      A shiny gastly would be better, but i think a shadow one might do.


      The reason why I want a shiny one specifically is beacuse shinies have more hp then other variants.

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