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  1. Croconaw up for trade (lvl 50) Required: Any water starter except squirtle or its evolutions. Anyone interested can check trades by Cyborg003.
  2. Does that imply that the move wasn't properly selected ? Since I'm sure that the box holding the move name definitely gets highlighted (red) before I click attack. Is it possible that the selected move gets highlighted but is not registered ?
  3. I've noticed that sometimes in a battle a move that is clicked is not performed. For e.g. say my last selected move for a particular pokemon was move 2. If I click move 3 and then click attack, move 2 is performed instead of move 3. I've also noticed this happen when I click the box holding the name of the move instead of the text of the move. Is anyone else facing something similar ? ***EDIT: This also happens with battle items.***
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