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  1. @Laven is a heartless scammer, he scammed me of my volcanion
  2. u could have told him to write the promo in the chat lol, u can redeem it in your dashboard
  3. rather just catch a poke with a high attcak stat than hunt for a certain form, it could take from seconds to days to find a dark variant of a certain pokemon, and merely minutes to find that same pokemon's normal form.
  4. Decidueye is perfect, it's a dual grass/ghost type, making it immune to normal and fighting while still maintaining the grass type's perks, a huge advantage
  5. switch out arceus for a ghost/grass type (arceus isn't that good), evolve eevee into an umbreon and your team will be almost unbeatable
  6. pokebay or forums store? if it's pokebay check in the key items section of your inventory, if it's forum store, you'll have the promo of the mbs in the promo codes section, you can redeem it from there
  7. veerkv

    Uniques Ignore

    that's a really low price, rates nowadays go upto 1:5, anyways i'd like 1 million xp on an immune pokemon, should be done within a week but i don't mind if it takes longer
  8. halo lats tred

    1. red_wolf_
    2. veerkv


      i need rares, i can offer legends

  9. if u register from 2 accs then no, u win only 1 poke
  10. it's a legend, so you can catch it in the wild
  11. pv is getting less interesting day by day, a few features/ more events would definitely make it more interesting, I get that pv HAS actually added a few new like VC features but let's be honest, those are for the competitive guys, new events like any of the star wars/ halloween /christmas events allow us to actually HAVE FUN! even new evolution methods, like the trade evolution or the location based evolutions can be implemented, just think about it for a second
  12. just take a look at pokemon insurgence, one of the most famous pokemon fan games, full of custom mons, i know pv is based on a whole other thing, adding a few custom mons can't hurt, can it?
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