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  1. We know that Judgment (Normal) have a base damage of 150, which is quite good. And also Fling having a Base Damage of 130 when taught to either Dark Darkrown or any other Dark (Variant) and Dark (Type) Pokémon deals a total damage of 406. But Judgment deals only 313 Damage. Why? This might be an error or some damage calculation that we still don't know.
  2. Well if you are saying about Ash-Greninja, then obv yes it will need some Froakies --------->
  3. You might be fine if you don't have nothing to do, but if a busy guy (like our Donkey.Beans players) they would like to find Unique pokes fast. Already we have many restrictions on many pokes, now if we get limited Unique pokes then this won't make game fun but nothing more then headache. If u are fine with this no prob, but this is something that the players who search maps and who only train, won't have any kind of prob.
  4. While searching maps, the most frustrating thing is that if u want to get a specific poke, we won't even see it until we search maps and waste almost 1-2 hours. Many players need a decrease in unique encounters, as it might help player to get things faster then to waster hours on searching maps only. We might get more time, to do other stuffs too in limited times.
  5. I'll send u that on Discord. Will that be okay?
  6. but scammer is a scammer always and everytime. No need to think much if we want to keep Vortex good and clean. Also i mostly train for big trainers which usually like their acc more then any other thing. I just misunderstood this guy
  7. A guy named ZapDash (Discord) and ign: ZapDash, Hellsback and Dragonmaster01. Dmed me asking that can u train Happiness. At that time, I said yes and after sometime he told me that he won't continue playing the game by 15 Nov. So I asked him that u can give ur acc to me. So he too agreed. After that he started selling the pokes from that acc. I asked him that won't u send me ur acc? He said I will just send the acc but not the pokes. Ok then I asked him to pay me for the training that I did (3 Hearts on 2 Normal Golweens). Then he just said yes u deserve what u did. And then he blocked me.
  8. Bro I also thought to take part in a give away, as for now i only like 3 pokes:- And all of their unique variants. Thou i wanna know whether u have trade away your Dark Xerneas (Neutral)? We can have a deal for that poke.... And also if u have any other Unique Neutral let me know as I am interested in them only!!!
  9. Please try to add other poke balls too as their are almost 30+ kinda balls. Thou all of them might not be used in Vortex but still they would work out nicely here... I have listed some of the balls that might look nice & are needed a bit in Vortex :- 1. Level Ball 2. Heavy Ball 3. Love Ball (Obv. the topic started just because of it) 4. Luxury Ball (Should be added as it is a bigger need of trainers) 5. Nest Ball 6. Repeat Ball 7. Quick Ball These 7 Balls are just a suggestion. It depends on the Moderator and Owners to add them or not but the most need ball is
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