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  1. Do clan perks exist in vortex? If yes how are we going to get them? If no then are they going to come?when? I also want to know about the different perks we can get.And if they are related to clan battles or points or exp,etc.
  2. ign: qweaszx do you feel like you know me?? thats because its mine fourth or fifth time to participate,you might have seen me around. (sign)i at least hop to winn!(this time)
  3. Its wednesday.who wins ??? @Firegolem47
  4. I can give dratinre for Mewtwo and diance ,ok? @Yui-
  5. IGN: qweaszx Hoping to win
  6. Who is the winner of this week? Today's Wednesday
  7. My ign: ironspider
  8. i want you can have ok? @Godpathak
  9. same question,bro
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