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  1. Because Poipole is Ultra Beast, only works with Beast balls or Vortex Ball So no bug in there! Hope this help
  2. Can i have a Zygarde (complete) please i trade you my Zekrom

  3. RULES: Just offer me, don't ask what i want. Also i accept Pokemons that i didn't put on POKEMONS I WANT, so feel free to make your offers! All of the pokemons in POKEMONS I HAVE FOR TRADE, are on my trade in game, you can offer directly there! @KingTito ADD ME IN GAME: KingTito Have a nice day
  4. Hello, What you can trade for shiny kyogre? i have like normal pokemons: deoxys speed, arceus grass water ice steel rock, and a few immunes lvl 6
  5. sorry mate, i deactivate the messages. You can message me now. Its active again
  6. Sorry you want any 12 x box code?
  7. 8 shiny legends
  8. 8 mate, i think its fair
  9. Not at the moment mate. Sorry
  10. Sure thing. Also you can make me an offer on my trades in game as well
  11. Make the offer in game for Missingno
  12. only 2 legendarys is not enough for a code. Sorry
  13. Make your offer pls
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