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  1. it would be helpful if you could take the screenshot (as a proof) of your conversation and post it here
  2. hey bro can you please hunt a shiny rayquaza for me? my ign : anubhav123
  3. i think its ash' pikachu .... that little mouse defies all odds ...( just kidding its arceus ) XD
  4. hey will you hunt a shiny rayquaza for me? my username is : anubhav123
  5. LF: shiny rayquaza can offer : shiny raikou if you are interested pls contact me in the game ... my username: anubhav123
  6. i can give dratinice or dratinillic for a mewtwo my username is : anubhav123
  7. yes you can message me
  8. if you want to increase your pokes' happiness level contact me 1 heart = 200k pds my username in game is : anubhav123 if you are interested then contact me in the game
  9. yes me too .... my chat box is also not appearing
  10. hey bro ...but i have shadow latias ...and moreover guzzlord is an ultrabeast
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