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  1. My rockruff will only evolve into midday lycanroc, even at night. how do i fix this?
  2. so no one else is focusing on the mention of an unknown cave?
  3. looking for that damn forth chaos emerald




    and a riolu

  4. does any one have a riolu or lucario? list a pokemon and ill see if i have it. whats wrong with wanting a lucario? it is as strange as wanting a snack i dont get it
  5. il tell you if i have you if i have what you request
  6. what LV and what do you want for it
  7. oh, and LV may rise over time (but so does price)
  8. if anyone has a lucario or even riolu to trade, i have a LV 40,LV 40 , and a LV 69, and more. please note that the level does not matter outside of what i trade for it, and i will take a LV 5 for all i care, as long as it gets me riolu or lucario.
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