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  1. can some body can tell wt is this , i am new so i dont know


    1. Auke1993


      This is the Forums for a fan-made Pokémon game called Pokémon Vortex.
      The game works quite differently from standard Pokémon, but the collecting aspect of Pokémon is preserved.

      You can fight wild Pokémon, battle Gym Leaders, Champions, event trainers and more. Almost all Pokémon are currently available, with more being added in the future.

      I make somewhat regular Vortex videos, and have multiple tutorial videos about the game as well on my Youtube channel 'Auke1993'. It may be worth looking into them.

      The experience of playing this is different from the main Pokémon games, but it's still very fun to collect and battle here. I hope you'll enjoy your time.

    2. prav




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