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  1. i got the shadow necrozma back

    thx for the help 

    unknown.png (1129×545) (discordapp.com)

  2. 11k shucks soon tm right? Congrats Ozare
  3. hi sphex i been trying to talk to u

  4. Mewtwo (Shadow) is a side Pokemon and does not have evolutions.
  5. In theory yes this could be cool. But it's hard to execute, I've attempted shadow avatars before and they just look plain bad. All the avatars will have a similar colour scheme, and it will just look weird when more than one person has one and also hella confusing
  6. First Idea - Adding ball type to already captured icon shown while roaming the maps When you are roaming the map and you come across something you've caught you get this lil' boy right here What i propose is that based on the ball that is shown in the PokeDex sidebar panel for mons you have registered. A corresponding caught ball icon is shown to match. Say if you come across a rare unique you've caught. You can know straight away what ball you have it in already and whether you would like to maybe change that without having to scroll through and check or open the all Pokemon tab and f
  7. All shiny pokemon are designed like their official shinies and all shadow pokemon abide by a set of restrictions. (dark purple main colour, grey for accents and red eyes [sometimes red for extra parts if it is needed] *edit: We are NOT looking for custom requests to suit your personal preference, but rather touch ups to make existing sprites as good as they can be with only NECESSARY changes being done. Transparency to add a little flavour where it is appropriate, Reshading to make sprites stand out better and Recolouration to make dull parts line up better against others or to add more var
  8. Added and sent for approval Denied (Red is too dominant) Resent for approval Patrick approved
  9. @flamescape Haven't finished shadow as of yet though
  10. its like Buy it Now on eBay, people who want a quick sale or to trade to friends. and do 25% tax instead of 10% for instant sales to avoid abuse
  11. @flamescape You have to provide a Pokemon with an 'x' amount of experience in return for a certain rate of money (much less than what exp is normally worth so like maybe 1:1 instead of 1:3, until the $ amount is paid back the pokemon will lose experience gradually. Keep a minimum threshold before a pokemon can be used for loaning (eg. 250k) that way people cant just do 1 immune battle and get 50k then never collect the pokemon again, you'll have to grind it up a bit so there is incentive for the person to retrieve their Pokemon from the bank. Possibly an increased rate for rares/legend/ub/u
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