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  1. When a Pokémon is added to the game it’s list of moves available is used as a guideline for us to implement that into the game. With the release of Galar on the switch it has been hard to find a list of all the Pokémon with updated move lists. Checking through the wiki and comparing the move lists with Vortex and the wiki pages for 800+ Pokémon is not a simple task. If a resource was available that lists the updated moves for Galar then it would make our lives much easier in updating them into Vortex, but until then not much we can do in updating them one by one sorry.
  2. To add on to this if you’re battling through gyms quickly, a lot of the time they have only a small amount of Pokémon on their team, if you were simply clicking the rebattle button and going through quickly you would hit the 10 second timer between battles very often.
  3. I too think expanding of player characters are a great idea and introducing more variety will make the world seem more diverse. However there is a lot of time involved of even just making 1 character, which I’ve already worked on a couple myself but rather than just releasing say one at a time would rather wait until there is a decent amount to bundle them all together.
  4. When you are viewing someone’s profile in game, there is a Invite to Clan button in the top row. Anyone who doesn’t have clan invites disabled will be able to receive a request from you.
  5. So far we’ve had and return, as-well as being recently announced a return after being unobtainable since the release of in seasonals. Patrick has said before that he hates the idea of things being permanently unobtainable, so I wouldn’t doubt seeing other Pokémon eventually making their returns.
  6. This is a feature that will be coming over the next few days, it has not yet been implemented.
  7. The feature on the forums is currently disabled and it serves little to no purpose other than really just uploading a clan logo image. There will be a way to do so in the future again, but for now you will just have to use the default logo for your clan sorry.
  8. Its something that has been discussed before and suggested before, but as Kory said earlier on Discord it's not a high priority in terms of other features. Edit: Also just letting you know asking for upvotes is against the rules, so you're aware for next time. And upvotes in general do not have any influence on ideas getting noticed or implemented.
  9. Hey you're kinda cute...

  10. Good Pokémon up for trade here’s my user name pro987654321

  11. lol I love the name you gave your alcremie (love)

    1. SpheX


      i saw you had a normal milcery in your team, I couldn't let you take first normal Alcremie (Love) from me xD

    2. foodviro2.0


      haha at least I got the first unique

  12. i got the shadow necrozma back

    thx for the help 

    unknown.png (1129×545) (discordapp.com)

  13. 11k shucks soon tm right? Congrats Ozare
  14. hi sphex i been trying to talk to u

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