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  1. i roam around of every route possible in the map for half a year and still didnt got to encounter a single legendary. I have completed all gyms but still. I need help from the admin team. IGN= BIVANBLAZE13
  2. i have seen many players getting "1st in season or 2nd in season" but what exactly is it? and how to get 1st place or any place.
  3. can you guys escalate this problem asap. he is recently getting on my last nerve
  4. did you say ashplayz? i know him he is begging for necrozma for free.
  5. no need i have necrozma :)
  6. Hello mods and admin there is player IGN:kurulkar. He took my poke's and I asked give some of my pokemon but not giving it back. I know I am not saying clearly but pls contact me one to one to under stand the matter. IGN:BIVANBLAZE13. "Pls look in the matter quickly pls"
  7. Want If anyone wants to offer pls contact IGN: BIVANBLAZE13
  8. i want to trade i have and pls tell i have necrozma. IGN:BIVANBLAZE13
  9. looking for necrozma will give lunala have then contact me in IGN:BIVANBLAZE13
  10. Yes, @Patrick pls create a clan chat . People pls do upvote to encourage this
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