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  1. Unique pokemon refers to the other five types i.e. Shiny, Shadow, Metallic, Dark and Mystic Shiny Pokémon has 25% more HP than Normal Pokémon and Dark Pokémon does 25% more damage than Normal Pokémon. Mystic Pokémon has a chance to scare the defending Pokémon whenever they attack (scaring is another status effect). Metallic Pokémon have 25% more defense than Normal Pokemon and Shadow Pokémon have immunity to status effects. For any question you wanna know about game (https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com)
  2. Do you have any proof as screenshot about this incidence?
  3. just look in the pokebay. ull get alot of vulpix(alolan) yup
  4. Hello, My name BIVANBLAZE13. as you have seen from the title, i have created a wiki-integrated pokedex which show's the information u generally see in wiki. but, there are advantages to my pokedex over wiki 1. I have compiled the necessary information for in the pokedex. 2. You just need to put the name of the pokemon to get ur desired result. 3. Its user-friendly (still working on it). Plus, The pokedex is entirely created in excel. Pokedex: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SDtcVb_PIDY4EvB3_s9DvCKsuPGmS9Spoa8m4KVqemw/edit?usp=sharing (Note: The pokedex isnt fully made, so I am still not releasing just yet and may change in appearance as it is alpha version. but you can see how it looks) If you like it, you can comment about it. Credits: Sprites Avatars Information, are taken from pokemon vortex. Thank you
  5. What are those ranks in profile, like collaborator, rookie in forum? Think the update from maintenance.
  6. guy's alert!!! matelinski moved all the scam pokes to another account. meaning, he knows he will get banned pretty soon, so be careful
  7. How much for type null? Ign: BIVANBLAZE13, To check my a/c inven
  8. I didnt traded with @matelinsk. But from here it gets strange.(in spoiler) How did he knew about this. two possiblities. he could be matelski alt or he must just be spreading news via message.
  9. Why would anyone give you free stuff in a trade thread. If you want free stuff then join giveaways.
  10. First, do not beg. Second, your account is full of trashmons. Third, buy pokeball's and explore the map, you can get alot of legendaries you want.
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