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  1. it makes difficult to use discord as my ram is limited so i request to create clan chat stuff like that for player convenience
  2. I have resham and I need lycanrock
  3. I don't actually know I am just asking and for a geneorous cause
  4. as you have seen in heading i am poor and i also have the right to be rich but i can afford so i am asking to pls give me any stuff you have if you are willing to give then pls msg me in my in-game a/c : BIVANBLAZE13 i am a noob pls consider for me
  5. i also need arceus cheap 25000
  6. and can anyone give me generous hand of arceus for free
  7. i have 45,000 pokedollars pls give me more so that i can buy some in my a/c "BIVANBLAZE13".
  8. pls tell how to get arceus for free or by paying very small amount of money
  9. guys pls tell me how to become a millionare very quickly
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