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  1. IGN: BIVANBLAZE13, Congrats that you got ur account back. Also thx for the giveaway.
  2. This is true as if we search "Dangly" in pokebay, we will find about this scam. However, this is a classic scam and could be avoided. Dont buy pokemon unless a trusted source or you feel they can be trusted.
  3. There was a forum clan, it was used to make your clan page in the forum and even add pics like Anti works or TRR. It got removed. My best guess is that as people can join different clan suppose, I am in PV clan in-game but in forum I am at TRR's clan. That why it got removed (My best guess)
  4. Can I have shiny sir farfetch for 109k and Shadow articuno?
  5. a year ago, me (a idiot) thought of a genius idea to ask if some one would give me just a arceus. But now of course, I have alot of good stuff
  6. Lol, didnt expected to get reaction on a thread ages ago


    But then, I was kind of a take for granted person (12 years)

  7. IGN: BIVANBLAZE13 This giveaway made me topple of my bed
  8. Feel free to check my a/c, some mega's are having dust on them. IGN: BIVANBLAZE13
  9. I think the game might have removed the pic from the database.
  10. u cant add pic, cuz a feature in the forum you might know is clan is disabled now. it allowed to create a clan profile and create a pic for ur clan in forum.
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