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  1. I am interested in your shadow moltres. Which pokemon do you want for it?
  2. That's fine. It is ma'am for me.
  3. Not interested in either of them regardless of the form.
  4. Hello, if you are still doing this. IGN - Midnightroses36 I would like a: All at the level they were captured at. So the cost is 100,000, correct? (If the third one is free)
  5. I have none of those for trade atm, and I am not really interested in any of those listed pokemon.
  6. I already have a Mewtwo Y (Normal). Any chance you have a Mewtwo X (any form), or a Mewtwo Y (Dark or Mythic)?
  7. I am only interested in an Articuno (Dark or Shadow).
  8. For Trade: LEGENDARIES Normals: Unique Forms: What I am looking for: Any Form (Normal, Shiny, Mythic, Dark or Shadow) Only Certain Forms (Dark, Mythic, Metallic or Shadow) Only Certain Forms (Dark or Shadow) Only Certain Forms (Shiny, Dark or Shadow) Only Certain Form (Dark) Only Certain Forms (Normal, Shiny, Mythic or Dark) (I might accept other legendaries that are not listed, if I don't have them)
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