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  1. Hi! Im selling baltoy and could someone help me how much should i sell it for? But if i evolve it now how much will it cost and im selling a golett and i want to know if no one bid on it will i get it back? Plsss help me and thats level 92 and if i evolve it how would it cost too? And the baltoy is in 80+
  2. Hi! I want to know if you can tell/help me whats a good moveset for my team their currently
  3. Hi! This is my team welp thats all wish it helps you and this is my real team i just remove the legendarys on this post
  4. Thank you! but how do i claim it plss tell me or just ignore thisbut plsss dont but if you want to or just do your own thing and im watching a tutorial about training acc and i dont really know how to make training acc's but i still go on here without the whole thing or watching the whole thing and im on here and i just got notified and/when im looking through the training acc page on the forum or post thingy or whatever this is called but thatnk for the information and i didnt check on the inventory?!?!?!?!?!??! But/im gonna check now!!! But first im gonna look at the post or info about training acc i almost put thingy something like that and i almost put ect. and ion the ect. I almost put thingy but thanks for the information
  5. Hi! Im a new player welp not really im making a new acc and giving the starter to my main acc but thats not the point i cant get my pokemon calendar gift/login gift plsss help me and i didnt know i will get a genesect on that plsss help me -??? And i beg you thats all and i just login and saw that so/but plssssssssssssssss help me
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