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  1. Hello yall I have a bazzar here, if you want, these are ft RULES 1. NO ANNOYING STUFF IN HERE 2. I WANT SOMETHING THATS ATLEAST FAIR TO A NICE DEAL, DONT BEAT THE BUSH WITH ME, LOOK AT THE BOTTOM FOR CRITERIA 3. MY OT KELDEO AINT FOR TRADE, DONT ASK LOL 4. I DONT SELL THIS STUFF, TRADE ONLY Here is the list: Store-required: Rares/legendaries: Sidequest-required Megas: Uniques: Unobtainable: Random evolved pokemon: Only obtainable with Legendary Ribbon or Sidequest region: Heres the offer criteria: Ribbon/Sidequest - Ribbon/Sidequest rarity OR more Evolved Pokemon - Evolved Pokemon rarity OR more Unobtainable - Unobtainable rarity Uniques - Uniques rarity or more Store-required - MB rarity or Event rarity OR unobtainable rarity Rares/legends - Rares/legends rarity OR more Sidequest prize Megas - Sidequest prize Megas rarity OR more I also accept ANY of the following, for ANY rarity: Giratina (Origin) Pikachu (Christmas) Mewtwo (Armor) Mewtwo (Evolution) Discuss offers in comments with me IGN: PokemonZayden EXPECT UPDATES!
  2. IGN: PokemonZayden, Fav 'mon: I dont really have 1, Fav food: PIZZA
  3. What... So this guy named gabfdu was on the list here https://prnt.sc/um2k3b And then when i clicked on that person, and ONLY that person(suspicious i know!), THIS happens https://prnt.sc/um2k43 it does no harm but its weird, please tell me about it AND when i type his name, it says IT DOESNT EXIST!
  4. ill trade you a legendary for your dratinice
  5. Im bidding on a Floette Eternal code, if i redeemed it, would it be my OT(PokemonZayden)?
  6. im saying it loads and then goes back to box and becomes unclickable
  7. So here it is loading: https://prnt.sc/ukdb1b But then it REJECTS me: https://prnt.sc/ukdafa My Mega Mewtwo Y avatar isnt cheering me up So please, help me! I need to message Unnamed_1 as seen above This is frequent in another way, but its not a bug, i just click alot So help! pls
  8. Needing , DM if you have it for trade Mainly wanting Shiny or Mystic
  9. Well I just completed Kanto and got rare goodies so you should do those
  10. I need please DM if interested Mainly need either or
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