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  1. Attention! I friended UnifiedMind! And he told me he ran out of daily posts. Therefore the winners cant be posted until tommorow. Thank you.
  2. no he just said we **can** start at 10
  3. if you do enough, i will promote you. i am the leader of this clan, PokemonZayden.
  4. IGN PokemonZayden I will join your giveaway.
  5. IGN PokemonZayden I'll join all giveaways that havent ended
  6. sure, put griev on trade
  7. check my IGN PokemonZayden
  8. @red_wolf_can i trade my OT Butterfree Christmas for Zapdos
  9. Zapdos Galar right?
  10. Niceee, check my ingame pokes and tell me which u want for those 2, also are they unique or no, fine either way just asking.
  11. Im looking for the following (This list will be updated when i have gained all listed Pokemon): Galarian Articuno Galarian Zapdos Galarian Moltres Barbaracle (Greivous) Alcremie (Love) ----------------------------------- I will take uniques of any listed Pokemon above.
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