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  1. ima friend you because we both giratina so yeah. and + poketips and adrive are my favorite youtubers

  2. In lowest to greatest: ADrive(He just SHINY HUNTER LOL), PIMPNITE, Poketips(My fav YTber)
  3. h-h-h-


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    2. PokemonZayden


      oh :(


      ok :(


      *sniffle* :/

    3. PokemonZayden


      we can still be friends outside of the list right? :)

    4. jalendabeast
  4. sent u a message mate

  5. Yeah and run any issues by me or silver here and we will solve it Im the coleader
  6. it was enough for you to x me out but blocking me? Honestly thats so messed of you -_- hmph. Honestly -_- Why you are so popular i dont know but i dont see it right now -_- 

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    2. Captaincam1


      Actually its night time for me but goodbye 

    3. PokemonZayden


      goodbye and You know what i meant

    4. nfl0


      Thank god  this argument is over

  7. Guys im being impersonated on discord, please check my thread proving i am innocent thank you.

  8. I just want to say thank you to all the friends that have helped me in this oh-so-random occurence by proving i am innocent All the ones that backed me up are from a long listing of my friends so they know me well enough that i wouldnt do such a thing to people I am eternally grateful for your help.
  9. hi straya

    1. strayaZilas
    2. PokemonZayden


      I saw you read my thread and heard the problem at the time. I hope you were not affected by The Imposter on discord

    3. DarkRagePlayzYT


      hi i found the ribbons but i don get any legendary pokemons on the maprayquazaor any other legendary pink help GIF by Denyse

  10. Guys i am being accused of multiple acts i did not do because of an impersonator on discord. So ive come to explain. 1. He curses, yet i do not 2. He has discord, yet I do not 3. I DONT CALL VIRAJ_SHAH A DANG LOWBALLER! THATS ENOUGH PROOF FOR A LIFETIME! I am innocent, i would bet my Shadow Rotom Halloween on it. And about the 3rd reason, I think the ones who know me know im best friends with Viraj_Shah and i wouldnt call him a scammer because he ALWAYS goes through with a deal! Why do you think hes defending me? Because I am his best f
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