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  1. Hey I want these mons, if u have, comment here! Shiny Any unique or normie(YES I TAKE UNIQUES OF ONES I DONT ASK OF UNIQUE): Dark: Shadow: Metallic: Mystic:
  2. IGN PokemonZayden I want Mys Eternatus
  3. Bruh you made this thread TWICE Just make ONE thread for each you decide to make, not 10 million copies of the exact same thread man, and at least say what you trade your reshiram for in the post, not double posting
  4. I have great friends that fate cant replace in this game. @Lillyzard @lunala333 @Viraj_shah @Captaincam1 But i noticed that they are the only ones i can truly 100 percent place on this board. So if you want to be my friend, read the rest of this text. I am Zayden, i am a kid who is enthusiastic in rare pokemon that have high price in worth, and i am also trusted as a trader so i might ask of trade styles that people commonly get scammed with or lowballed with, but when i walk through that tunnel, i come out with my own free will. I will never
  5. Wuts ur IGN?


    Image result for what's your ingame name gif

  6. Hey I made this so I can flex my DPS yall can flex, so flex away IF A POKEMON IS NICKNAMED AND YOU DONT SCREENSHOT, TELL THE EXACT VARIANT AND FORME Shiny Zeraora Owner: PokemonZayden Original Trainer: PokemonZayden courtesy of lunala333( Shiny Giratina (Origin) ) Owner: Zayden_Storage Original Trainer: PokemonZayden
  7. Do you have Cracked Pot or a unique Alcremie

    1. red_wolf_


      nope only 1 sweet but im try to get what you want

  8. If u read this whole thing i have a meme at the end


    Why woodchuck, when you could woodchuck wood, but if you say why woodchuck, then why say woodchuck wood if woodchucking is chucking wood, so its still woodchucking, or maybe its not woodchucking, but do you woodchuck, or are you still woodchucking or is this a woodchucking illusion


    If you understood this:


    Image result for bruh gif

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    2. kingxion98
    3. PokemonZayden


      cuz its a woodchucking illusion


      Image result for trollface GIF

    4. kingxion98


      0 woodchucks cant chuck wood

      it says it in the question How much wood can a woodchuckk chuck "if a woadchuck could chuck wood"?

  9. Eh I dont got that mercy but Enjoy the giratina
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