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  1. Hi Im looking for / and / Check my pokes IGN: Raikou49 Check my trades and auction as well or let me know what youre looking for
  2. Check my trades and auction or let me know if youre looking for anything specific.
  3. Community term for pokemon typ e that are immune to damage from some types. Like normal is from ghost, ghost is from normal, ground is from electric, etc.
  4. IGN: Raikou49 Trades Link Trading in 4 Lv 6 immunes for a legendary Legendaries (multiple qty) Im offering Lv 6 immunes I'll take Remember Ill take 5 Lv 6 immunes for each of my legendary IGN: Raikou49 Trades Link
  5. What should I ask for ? in monetory terms whats it worth right now?
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