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  1. i'll trade for you shadow hoopa check my pokemon
  2. i need (missing a lot because my luck is trash) check my account if there is anything you'd like
  3. i'm interested check my account and see if there is anything you want
  4. i'm interested check my pokemon to see if there is anything you want ign is the same as the one i use here
  5. i made an auction just search my name same one i use here put a useless pokemon up for trade and i'll offer for it
  6. 30x20k = 600,000 so about 600,000
  7. i have 30 53k immunes that i can offer
  8. i've got one that i can trade for
  9. can i trade for it? i can offer and @korch if there is something else you want check my pokemon
  10. not much you have that i really want i guess
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