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  1. Well you see, I'd like to know how to know when people send requests to join my clan "the military". That way I can accept them into my group.
  2. Hey to all! I just made my own clan called the military! If you have at least 1 million exp on Pokemon vortex, please do join! Do 100 clan battles to become an elitist, and 350 to become a co-leader! However, you can stay in the group and do no clan battles at all! But yeah! As long as you have at least 1 million exp, I'll be happy to accept your request to join!

  3. My favorite Pokemon is, and has been for 2 years, . I swear I love EVERYTHING about it. From it's lore, to it's design, to it's rivalry with cresselia, to it's role in the Pokemon mystery dungeon games as a villain, to it's tragic hero nature in the movies, to it's role of causing nightmares, and... Man if I said everything I loved about it you'd take an hour reading through it. Point is, Darkrai is just so awesome in every way.
  4. Jolteon has always been my favorite eveeelution and most likely always will be. I love it's design and I'm generally a huge fan of electric types. Also, you forgot espeon in your poll.
  5. Here are the three steps to catching Pokemon. 1: Go to the maps and take some steps. 2: Eventually, you will see a wild Pokemon. Click the red "battle" option below the compass that let's you move. 3: On the right, you will have a selection of items, just like in the actual games. And during a wild Pokemon encounter, you will see what you don't see when doing generic battles: Certain types of pokeballs. If you have any, click on one of the types of pokeballs, and then click the "use item" option right under the item selection. It's not guaranteed, but you can catch one.
  6. Well this is quite the odd bug. So I found out if you have no dusk balls but you have potions, it displays the dusk ball selection in a rather unusual way. You see, it says you have 0 dusk balls, but unlike with other items you have 0 of... It doesn't have the line over it. But wait. It gets even buggier. If you click it and decide to use it, the game glitches out and has you use a potion. I'd love to show an image or 2 but I have no clue how. It should be easy to replicate though as you just need to have no dusk balls and have potions.
  7. On the quest to obtain 50 meltan candies, and my lord it is slow

  8. You see, there is a "browse clans" section here on the forums. There, you will see all sorts of clans. And at the very bottom you can see an option that let's you make your own clan. Also, since you are the owner of said clan, you can put a link to the clan here on the forums in Pokemon Vortex. I don't know the whole process as I'm only an elitist in the clan I'm in, but I do know that it is only able to be done by owners and co leaders so no need to worry about it being deleted by some random member.
  9. What if I add my event exclusive Pokemon to the mix? Edit: Never mind, I paid way too much to get them in the first place on pokebay so I'm keeping them, see ya
  10. I'll give you my guzzlord for kyurem black. How does that sound? Also, I don't think it's possible to obtain the pink colored variants of Pokemon, which means no pink rhyhorns
  11. Actually, they said they would add one, but they wanted to see the general sales done over the months and how much the successful sales were for. That's the point. Primal Groudon is stupid hard to obtain. Not only do you need to find a groudon, which can take a while due to it's legendary encounter rate, but you also have to go all the way to the hoenn sidequest and hope you get a red orb as a prize, and even then alongside the blue orb, it is the rarest price of them all! So, due to how hard it is to obtain, people would pay a lot of money for it. But in general though, I'd think this is a great idea. It'd make my bids far less impossible to do when underpriced as I'll prob just get sniped right afterwards and be unable to do anything via it ending, and I'd like for the same for overpriced ones as although I don't really need to worry about being sniped, I have to end up paying 90% of my cash or more for something that doesn't have the right to be over a million or possibly never get it at all. In fact though, I even have price ideas of my own! Master ball: 50,000 Easier to find legendaries: 25,000 Beast ball: 300,000-600,000 Event Pokemon you cannot obtain outside of pokebay anymore: 1,000,000 Any Melmetal besides normal: 10,000,000 (due to just how stupid hard it is to obtain) I highly doubt they're perfect estimates, but I'd say they're at least somewhat close estimates. Besides, there's more than a million things to estimate so that'd be quite difficult on Pokemon Vortex staff.
  12. I'm hoping that I enjoy these forums like I enjoy the actual Pokemon vortex game! 

  13. Actually, to the above poster, you can get nearly anything from it. Even old events from 2 or 3 years ago. I was talking about getting meltan candies without the use of pokebay as not only are they expensive and the prices add up fast and it takes 50/400 depending on the meltan, but for them to get there they had to be obtained by someone without the use of pokebay. So, I already got my answer.
  14. Actually, that is NOT a bug. You see, trainers are on the map if you allow them to be so that they can be battled. No matter how many steps you take, they aren't supposed to move. The only way for them to be in a different spot is to leave the map in some way.
  15. Hey! I plan on getting a meltan and evolving it into a melmetal. But to do that, I need meltan candies. I looked all over the wiki and this forum and found no answers. So may someone please answer for me?
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