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  1. Ign: Mr.Starkfromwhoknows Here is my team.
  2. Ah sorry thought you said you had them not wanted them sorry for mis-reading.
  3. Hey I'd love to have can we please talk this over in game? I promise you I'll give you some good stuff for it! Just send me a friend request, my ign is the same name it is on here.
  4. They are not premium Pokemon, although their avatars are exclusive to pokebay and mystery box. They're event Pokemon in this game, like keldeo resolute or deoxys forms.
  5. I look like because reality can be however I make it, and that includes my looks. Anyways, ign: Mr.Starkfromwhoknows.
  6. Immunity Pokemon are Pokemon with well, an immunity. For instance, is one due to it's part dark type. Meanwhile, is not an immunity Pokemon, as it's one type: Electric, isn't immune to anything.
  7. Wrong thread man, this is a place where we post where to find certain Pokemon from gens 1-7, not a place where we say every location on the map. Also, I plan on editing all of these Pokemon and their locations on my initial posts when I get enough responses. Right now I need to wait to have more to work with.
  8. Also, it's there because it's a thing in the actual gen 8 games (but you can't use it yourself though) as a boss battle.
  9. Correct the title to have 2.0 on it, there was a team umbreon but the owner was falsely accused of scamming, which sadly worked and he made the 2.0 version. Some people may just view the title and not the comments.
  10. Who wins is entirely random. However, there is one way to increase your chances. Buy multiple tickets at a time. And that's prob what people like Mr.Chemicals do. The more money you spend, the higher chance you have at winning.
  11. If you was to complete a region, try selling items that you win as well. Items from the sidequests usually make you good money. Especially items from later regions.
  12. You can find the gym leader who owns that badge in a place called granite cave.
  13. Yeah, you aren't wrong that people can sell them on pokebay and get Lot's of cash, but in order for them to be sold they have to be obtained by someone before they can be sold, so how do people get said avatars so they can equip/sell/collect them without pokebay? Because it'll be next to impossible to win such avatars via pokebay.
  14. Title says it all. It's not much, but some people have galar Pokemon avatars. I want to know how on earth they were made and how those very small portions of people got them.
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