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  1. Shadow%20Deoxys%20(Defense).gifShadow Deoxys (Defense)





    1. seth1129400


      congratz lol 

    2. beccpich


      D: .... Darn u!! I would love a shiny deoxys (attack) :T or Speed xDD Idec if i don't end up getting the other ones...

  2. Answered

    I'll tag @Patrick in this. (Look what you did xD) The Dratini sprite on map is of Patrick. He used Munchlax before now he changed his sprite to Dratini and it's just for fun and has nothing to with current event. Dratini's can be found on all cave Maps without any exceptions.
  3. Answered

    It's more like technical problem. Here are two possible fixes. Fix 1: Remove malicious files. Press Windows+R (Or open the Run program directly from start menu) Type %tmp% and click enter You'll see lots of files. Delete them all they're waste stuff and may cause stuff like this sometimes. Now try opening discord on browser. Fix 2: Delete cookies Go to chrome settings. Advance settings. "Manage Content". Open cookies and delete them all and re try
  4. Discussion

    Try *Mystic Zygarde (Complete)* You're welcome
  5. @Patrick why don't you adds those chat (discord) face emojis here on forums. :o I mean they're a lot funnier and better than these 1980's default emojis. 

    1. marllonflaxDxD


      I like this idea. It would be good more emoticons.
      But I think Patrick does not control this part of the forum. It only uses the server. But if it can, it will be great. xD

    2. Sneezeball


      >doesnt control this part of forum

      >has all Pokemon sprites from vortex in here

  6. f162b8eb623545ef9f559b44a1abe170.png


    Someone explain this xD, LMAO

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Abbas


      I know it's Patrick. Look at people around him. They're like "Oh see Patrick, I think we can catch more stuff near him" or "I want to catch this Munchlax"

    3. Phoenix


      Patrick is just trolling now, he's a dratini

    4. leander4


      lmfaao :D 

  7. PV

    This actually happened with my Charmander
  8. I'm sure this event is going to last few decades xD 

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    2. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      I did not pass any on that map.

    3. Abbas


      they can be anywhere on cave maps

    4. Haisum Arif Sheikh
  9. Fanfiction

    Added volume 2 Audiobook. Adding volume 3 Today.
  10. Fanfiction

    Thanks and okay Thank you. And yes slightly. I'm only going with highlights. Because if I start putting details. It would take nearly 2 weeks and adds up to 7-8 volumes. I wanted to finish it in 3 volumes. But I'm sure I'll end up writing 4. Cause half-blood Prince is a highlight in a whole. Sure
  11. Fanfiction

    I know you're not funny
  12. Fanfiction

    Uploaded volume 2. Thanks @porymon and @CaptainX i'll feature you guys in volume 3
  13. Added volume 2


  14. Fanfiction

    I could feature you in it if you want so there are 2 more volumes yet to come
  15. Go and read if you're a fan of Harry Potter series