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      u sure?

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      99 percent sure, i stated the reasons in the report thread but its hidden


  2. could be, I have some players in mind that would do this but I don't want to mention anyone publicly
  3. yeah I just got to know, some ****** made 4 fake accounts and offered on the pokemons and I didn't notice anything till now, thankfully I had most of them twice. I really don't get why people do this
  4. hey guys, I messaged you on pokemon vortex so please check the messages and my trade list. sorry for the trouble
  5. heya, @rms701, @blood7411, @Dqrk, @Adi09 and @veerkv I listed the pokemons you won so now you can offer on it anytime you want (account LinaX) but please keep in mind that if you won't offer on it within a week I'll still have to pick another winner. if something happened and you can't offer on it just message me that you'll claim it later. congratulations again and have a nice day everyone!
  6. GIVEAWAY WINNERS: 1) @inferno4life won Zacian 2) @rms701 won Xerneas (Active) 3) @void00 won Ho-oh 4) @blood7411 won Zamazenta 5) @Dqrk won Mystic Zamazenta 6) @Adi09 won Rotom (Heat) 7) @veerkv won Shiny Tornadus Congratulations to all winners and really big thanks to everyone who joined please don't be sad or angry if you didn't win, I'll try to make another giveaway soon for the winners: make sure that you'll put a pokemon up for trade so I can offer on it please message me on my pokemon vortex account LinaX (if I'll be offline there you can message me on discord - Linuixu#0006) when you'll be able to claim your pokemon. I'll be online for like 30 minutes, so if you want you can claim it right now. if I won't get a message from you within a week I will pick a new winner and pokemon. have a nice day everyone!
  7. yep, I'll use randomwheelspinner.com
  8. the giveaway will end in about 1 or 2 hours, after that I will "close" the giveaway and pick the winners and pokemons so the winners will be announced in like 2 or 3 hours from now
  9. hi, at least 5 winners but the number depends on how many people will join.
  10. hey, the giveaway will end in about 6 hours and I will select the winners shortly after ^^
  11. it's been a while since I posted my first giveaway, so I decided to make another one. if you want to join, reply on this post with your pokemon vortex username. 5 (or more) winners will be selected randomly alongside with the pokemons by using generator, so please don't comment that you'd like to get this or that pokemon. ((the amount of winners depends on how many people will join the giveaway, so the numbers of winners can change but each winner will get only 1 pokemon.)) giveaway will end in 24 hours. - here's a list of all pokemons that you can win: Mystic Zamazenta, Zamazenta, Zacian, Kartana, Xerneas (Active), Landorus, Mystic Tornadus (2×), Shiny Tornadus, Tornadus (4×), Metallic Tornadus, Ho-oh (2×), Zekrom, Rotom (Heat), Eevee (3×) and Rowlet (3×). goodluck to everyone
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