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  1. yeah i know i dont really give to anyone he was my close friend and was trust worthy i gave just in order to check if my acc has the same problems in his place and it came out to be same problem with only my acc his acc works well
  2. thats what i gave my accs pass to my friend to login in his place the same is happening to my acc in his place while his accs are working well
  3. nah i am not talking about map lag i am saying that when i move to pokebay, your team etc. it takes minimum 5 mins to move and yeah it happens only with my 2 accs mohammedobaidullah, King-Phantom other acc works well
  4. Hello i am here to share a big problem i am facing from quite a few months now some of my accs i.e mohammedobaidullah, King-Phantom seriously has some issue they take minimum 5 mins to load anything which is being a big headache and yeah its not any network issue for sure cos it does the same in my friends place also my other accs are working well on the same device Hope owner or mods can do something about it
  5. i need a unique necrozma if you can find one
  6. hello there I am King-Phantom i wanted to give an idea about a new feature in auctions like there should be an option which restricts only few trainers to bid on auction like if someone wants to trade an avatar to his/her friend and his/her friend gets out bidden on it by someone else. so if there is such option it will allow bid only from the persons that auction starter wants to trade it with
  7. your IGN:- iweimax0524 also greninja is not on trades
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