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  1. Hi everyone!

  2. Im also trying to submit screenshots but I cant because im 14 years old playing on a school account.
  3. Hello everyone! Yesterday I encountered my first scammer his name was coldmythic. Our conversation went a little like this. I said hi and I asked if he wanted to trade and he said there was nothing that he wanted. But then all of a sudden he said ¨wait¨ he asked for my Lugia and said he would trade his Tapu Koko for it. He also said that he would give a deoxys to me if I bid on a pokeball in the pokebay for 200,000! that may not seem like much but it was all I had. He also told me to bid on his crappy lv pokemon and then I bid and then he keep going on about how that wasn't enough and asked for my friends shiny dialga that I was training and I said no and then he was like then im not giving you Tapu Koko and Deoxys. He then blocked me and I didnt know that you could file reports here so I didn't take screen shots. But a few hours later he sent me a message that said ¨accept my friend request quick¨! and another one that said ¨you dont have to be so mad it was just a prank! Yeah well I didn't buy it but I did accept the friend request and he told me that this was a ¨prank¨ and that I was on ¨Youtube¨ But when I asked for his Youtube he said no. But I understand that he has personal stuff on his Youtube but I didn't believe him about his Youtube account. But then He said he was going to ¨give my pokemon back¨ and I said I just wanted deoxys and he said alright. I finally thought this whole situation was going to turn around but NOPE he then asked for my xurkitree for deoxys. Even though I paid him a lugia lv 100, absol, 200,000, and a aggron which I got the aggron back thankfully. I am posting this for two reasons: 1) I want my money and pokemon back and 2 )I want him banned and I want people to know that there not the only ones and I will be there for them. Please read this god bless. My name: CAPTAINCAM Spammer:coldmythic Took:lv 100 lugia, riolu, absol, aggron, and 200,000 (I got the aggron back) The pokeballs I bid in auction (2) 110,000 each. If you visit his page go to pokemon and click on riolu and lugia both last owners were ishanlegacy the reason why it says this is because I never got to use riolu. I messaged ishanlegacy and told him to back me up with the pokemon.
  4. Everyone please ban Coldmystic ultimate scammer!

  5. Hey guys! Im kind of new to this game but my team is pretty decent/good. Please im always willing to trade with anyone and will friend request any of you guys thanks for having me!

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