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  1. Looking for: Any ,, , or Offering: (female, level 28)
  2. If anyone would like to trade a level-88-or-higher , , or with my level-28, female, that'd be great!
  3. I've listed four Pokemon up for trade! I'm planning to trade those Pokemon as follows: Level-12, female Azurill for a level-48-or-higher Dialga Level-12, male Delcatty for a level-80-or-higher Jigglypuff Level-18 Flabebe (Yellow) for a female Alolan Raichu that's level 60 or higher Level-14, female Togedemaru for a level-50-or-higher Eevee
  4. I had to reject an offer from someone to trade their Comfey with my male, level-7 Scatterbug because I was looking for someone that wanted to trade an Eeveelution with my Scatterbug. Sorry...
  5. Also... (metallic, level 15) for either ,,, , or
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