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  1. right so your saying you friend bought 2 am2 WITHOUT a forum account? You know that the only way to buy from shop is to use your forum account?... and to use it you actully need to have a account..... you might have gotten skemmed...
  2. V I R A J

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      Ok pls dont be mean

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      That will depend on how it goes but we need to settle this its getting annoying

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      I agree lol

  3. Reached 430mil exp! Next exp goal: 500mil exp!

  4. Can you catch a unquie necro (shiny prfered)? Ill give 2 events metallic and mystic crobat halloween
  5. Hi so, when i started out the game 5 months ago ishanlegacy scammed me, i didnt know what to do at the time because i was a total noob, i dmed flay and patrick with no reply. I just slowly forgot about that, then a few days ago me and my freinds were talking (captaincam1, pokemonzayden ect.) and they almost did the same thing with them, or he was a total jerk with them. anyways back to the story i had a deal with him, a exp training one hed train a poke from 700k exp to 2mil for a bunch of pokes, he agreed, then after a day he said he has a family ussue and said hed do only do up to 1.5mil, i said ok and we modified the deal a bit. But then after doing 300k exp he said he asked his freinds and they said it was terrible so he wanted the payment because he did the training that was 2 cosmogs but because that didnt make any sense i was kind of arguing, but then i gave in, didnt want to lose the pokemon but then again he said he wanted 3 instead of 2 i asked why, he said i argued with him to much i got screen shots of the enitre convo. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792949192808595456/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_9.54.07_PM.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792949263566635048/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_9.54.14_PM.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792949329039196190/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_9.54.18_PM.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792950137374769192/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_10.00.29_PM.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792949665758707762/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_9.55.28_PM.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792949981678010379/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_9.55.42_PM.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792874113387200523/792950014443520060/Screenshot_2020-12-27_at_9.55.48_PM.png well the rest i have to say is just speculation, and the words of my freinds. 1. He lies, or twists the facts for deals that give him profit, captaincam1 made a deal with him for 12mil exp for a shadow armor, when cap asked if it was fair ishan said it was totaly fair. ( 12mil exp training is worth 48mil pds and a shadow armor around 20, not that fair) thank god after 1mil training cap gave it back, because he felt the deal wasnt fair. 2. After he offers on a pokemon ( idk if it happens with other people) he will say yes, then after we agree i put the poke on trade or offer it, after 10-30min he dms saying ( he doesnt offer or accept) that he asked his freinds the offer sucked, he wants something with it. ALL THE TIME I know this happened a few months back, but i hope people will be wary of him and he'll stop doing what he is. Idk if he scams everyone he comes across from thats a noob ( like i was) or just select memebers, but he did it to me and if you started out he doesnt mean he won't do it to you. Thanks for your time, and reading though this.
  6. hi do you still have lvl 35 mystic galie? if so im intrested as it says it evos from snorunt from lvl 42 check my pokes at ign Viraj_shah
  7. Ign Viraj_shah No, but I used to exp train a lot active 9-10 hours per day ish Made account on june 23 Other info is that my fav poke is arceus
  8. What would you want for the both of them? can you dm me on discord?
  9. Yea it isnt him, in the legends server in discord someone claiming to be him, started cursing, calling top players botter and insulting everyone, Inculding me. This also happened to me as someone claimed to be me and freinded people and insulted them, I was alsleep at the time the imposter imposing me broke out. Zayden would never do something like this beacuse he never wants to be in the center of attention, and wants to be a pain. I have known him for quite some time and I can bet my shiny avatar it isnt him, and he would NEVER do something like this. Also a day before Zayden told me he cant use discord anymore because of a problem, so how could he use dscord to do something he would never do. I can safely say it wasnt him and I can bet my shiny avatar that it want him and he could NEVER do something like this.
  10. I won against jkrowling, showed proof to abhiramv and he declared me winner
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