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  1. congrats on winning the lottery :) do you think if I spend 160mil on it I can get a normal one?
  2. hi I am instrested in your shiny missigno my ign is Viraj_shah check and terll me what would you want from it
  3. Hi, I am looking for mystic raichu xmas offering overpay in pokes dm ASAP ( like offering 30% of my account) offine with it is a pikachu jedi and mystic scrafty ackbar and a WHOLE lot of event pokes pls msg me in game or on discord if you have one will offer a a lot more if you ask Thanks
  4. thanks that was exactly what I was thinking :)
  5. Hi, as my title suggests I was thinking if we can add shadow pokemon avatars but instead of buying them from excusive acutions we have to do tasks to get them.
  6. Hi my ign is Viraj_shah I'll give some pokes from the ign can you msg me in game? thanks
  7. frostflame for kyurem white sparky fro electric pokes
  8. my ign is Viraj_shah check my pokes
  9. what would you want for your pichu?
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