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  1. Ign Viraj_shah No, but I used to exp train a lot active 9-10 hours per day ish Made account on june 23 Other info is that my fav poke is arceus
  2. What would you want for the both of them? can you dm me on discord?
  3. Yea it isnt him, in the legends server in discord someone claiming to be him, started cursing, calling top players botter and insulting everyone, Inculding me. This also happened to me as someone claimed to be me and freinded people and insulted them, I was alsleep at the time the imposter imposing me broke out. Zayden would never do something like this beacuse he never wants to be in the center of attention, and wants to be a pain. I have known him for quite some time and I can bet my shiny avatar it isnt him, and he would NEVER do something like this. Also a day before Zayden told me he cant
  4. I won against jkrowling, showed proof to abhiramv and he declared me winner
  5. Ign is Viraj_shah for both vortex and showdown, a necro is noice this will be fun
  6. Ign viraj_shah hope I win a unquie kubufu
  7. after you hunt for everyone that asked before me can you hunt for me 5 unown (0) and unown (1) sets? not unown (o) and unown (i) thanks
  8. I have jar jar but I need exp msg me in game ign Viraj_shah and I hope we can work out a deal
  9. I need 12.5mil exp you can have everything I said above
  10. I need 12.5mil exp training total btw
  11. Did you use a bot? or ever scam someone?
  12. SHiny lunla is worth around 18-23mil pds because of the upcoming event and you are offering ANY one poke from your account with it so it should be worth 2-3mil pds so If I get one I will tell you as I would say this is a good trade
  13. Hello, I need exp traing I am offering mystic dugtrio xmas, mystic arceus electric, pysduck jar jar, 10mil pds and metallic aerdactly mega and others pls msg me in game your rate and how much you are willing to do for these pokemon my ign is Viraj_shah thank you
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