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  1. seems like i taught you well anyways an amazing guide very helpful for the new quiz
  2. what is your offer for a shiny darkrai and a shiny mewtwo armor?
  3. that arbokite which you get only for mbs is selling in pokebay for 250k get real
  4. lol are you real? you can get the stone for under than 1mil from pokebay i have 4 myself and they are really easy to obtain and any store pokemon will sell atleast for 20m please think before asking anything
  5. store pokemons for a normal arbok which can be found anywhere is not a good deal
  6. hard luck ask for the buzzwole
  7. yes please do not accept that trade
  8. ishanlegacy

    Necrozma Nexus


    yep really waitin for dis event
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