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  1. Heh, I understand why now. Patrick did it because of sexism and slander. Absolutely understandable. "Why play Pokemon vortex if you hate it" is a very good point too. Turns out it wasn't unfairly at all and I'm happy that's the case. As the leader of a big clan of my own, I see the importance of getting others to join and I also see why you'd be upset as well about you thinking they were unfairly banned, but they were banned for proper reasoning. Thanks for bringing up such a topic because I wouldn't want for everyone to be assuming everyone is getting banned for nothing and start rioting.

  2. OK..I am bringing forward this issue,representing the leaders of Team Rainbow Rocket Clan,Truelegend1993,YogeshFederer and Ginga Bishounen. Let me start off.. Many players from the clan including truelegend1993 and Yogesh_federer have got banned from the Pokemon vortex discord server for no prior reason or notice. This now is a serious issue TRR is the Top#3 clan in the game and our players are very well known and reputed for their name.Despite of the clan being friendly in the pokemon vortex discord server, many of our players got banned for it,which is an eye-raising concern. Now let me show some proofs of what happened..below are the screen shots of conversations in the main pokemon vortex server Above screen shots display what has happened.It also says tyhnie banned 10-15 people just because she did not like them!! this shows how much the mods are responsible and BIASED!! Also some mods took a joke seriously and banned players without no reason or information This also shows racist behaviour which is highly condemned Also the people who showed racist behaviour.i.e. Carlos and others were not banned for their actions this needs to have a serious look into and also..the actions of mods should be monitered carefully Hoping that this issue will be resolved ASAP From-HORU5,representing TRR and its leaders Truelegend1993,Yogesh_federer and Ginga bishounen Thank you A joint opinion from TRR
  3. i dont have a screenshot,but there is a glitch/bug for me in my game im not able to view any animations,the change team lobby is also glitched and everything is weird and out of place even the options of pokedex,members etc are not available pls fix this asap..im missing out some auctions thanking you Horu5
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