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  1. maybe do a little challenge to be able to claim daily login? It might help with people having 100 accounts for special login events
  2. how dense can you be? i'm indirectly giving my money to everyone who does lottery. If you're one of those guys "i don't do lottery, cause i won't win", than you should stop complaining. It's lottery NOT raffle
  3. at this point i'm not sure if some people are just trolling. Suppose i didn't win, you think there would be 3 others who'd have won those? Basicly what i'm doing is increasing the win pool for all others. Do you really believe i made any kind of profit from this? Cause if you do you really have no clue
  4. i have some as well, i'll take Shiny Volcanion, Shiny Complete, Shiny Speed and Shiny Attack pls
  5. i disagree with all of you me buying tickets makes all of you have less chance
  6. people would start moving around the map like crazy. There is a solution: go slower and don't skip
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