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  1. Chaitany98 you have won a mystic hydreigon with 107,033exp it will be in my trade you can claim it whenever you want and last week winner plse go claim your prize
  2. Srry for the late announcement for this week was a bit busy. The winner is maria6 you won a deoxy (defense) I made it a high tier this time because I was late
  3. The winner is SkyEye The prize is a Mid Tier prize The prize is Mewtwo
  4. If you still have it would you trade it for a shiny mewtwo (armor) & metallic zygarde (partial)?
  5. i'm interested in your shiny missingno if you still have it. Check my pokes and see if there anything you like to trade for it Ign: redteddybear
  6. yes once the winner is selected another round begins so if you want to try again you have to reenter
  7. The winner is AROSHARD You have Won a high tier prizee You won a thundurus (Therian) Claim your prize in my trade ign: redteddybear
  8. GIVEAWAY To enter type in your ingame username. The chances of you winning something on the top prize is low so don't expect to much. The winner will be selected at a slower pace than the last because this will be a longer giveaway since the prize pool is also bigger. High Tier Prizes (5%) You can also buy all of this for 10 million PD 700k each First giveaway winner will be announce on sunday Mid Tier Prizes (20%) You can also buy all this for 5 million PD Low tier (75%) Just some random pokemon that will most likely be a trapinch or cub
  9. The new giveaway will be started on a new thread with better pokemon. It will be started in a few min.
  10. I don't really know except for the different sweets to evolve milcery and the cracked pot to evolve sinistea.
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