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  1. Hey can anyone tell me if you could find the galar pokemon and legendaries on the legacy maps once you have enabled them ???
  2. hey what would i get for the 2nd one ? yveltal and jirachi ?
  3. This problem is not just in your region, but is being faced globally. The host server will be down for a few hours, or as the website goes. https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/pokemonvortex.org.html Hope this site will solve your problem.
  4. Hi I don't think the evolution items are available yet. Some other pokemon, for example Milcery, too cannot be evolved. At least not yet.
  5. so seriously no one replied for 4 days ???
  6. Hey trade with me I'll give u shadow dratini
  7. Three of the starters, grookey sobble and scorbunny can be found in the legacy maps with respect to their types, for example grookey in grass maps, and scorbunny in fire maps.
  8. When I first opened v5 it said compatibles with Firefox chrome or edge. I downloaded the latest version of edge on my phone and it shows me the same message of browser unsupported. I have iOS 10.3.4 and can't download chrome or forefox, but really want to try the new v5. It's works on other phones, but just not on my iPhone 5. Help needed!!!
  9. Hey everyone, how can i evolve spewpa into any vivillon other than continental. it should evolve in archepegalo and elegant, but when evolving, the only option that comes is of continental. the level for each is the same, but i cant evolve it. HELP!!!
  10. well that's a cool and reasonable deal if bale2001 accepts.
  11. What are you looking for anyways ??
  12. how about aerodactyl mega, tyranitar mega and heatran, all level 100s
  13. I was looking at the stats of Groudon on the wiki page, and it said that Groudon was immune to electric Pokemon. Yet, mine takes over 200 damage from electric Pokemon like voltorb and magnemite. Please help.
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