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  1. I have seen, that while training non-immune Pokémon, especially psychic, the opposition Pokémon do high amounts of damage, all except "typegrass". I wanted to suggest that these Pokemons' attacks be reduced to those with lower damage or with those with bad attack accuracy. It will not take more than a million Pokédollars per account. I hope this is taken into consideration, so more people can train their Pokémon with ease.
  2. @rms701Tell me your IGN and send me a message on discord at sirenhead#9020. After this, those trainers who haven't received a response from me regarding the topic can only message me. The topic is closed for the rest. Thank you.
  3. Oh yeah right. I forgot about that sorry. Would you like to train some @rms701?
  4. @rms701Thank you for informing me. If he doesn't want to train, it's ok, and there is no force or compulsion. I will message him in game as well. However, I don't really remember trading pokemon with SemiHorizon before in game, for training. Maybe it was some other account? Please let me know.
  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I have had enough trainers to help me out, and therefore don't require more. Thank you for helping out!
  6. I started a topic on Pokemon training, and have recieved enough responses. Now I want to close the topic to avoid further in-flow of volunteers. What should I do ?
  7. @SAMUEL.D.S and @SemiHorizon Sure! Message me on discord. My ID is sirenhead#9020.
  8. Thank you everyone for helping out. For those that I have not responded to yet, I will look up to you whenever I need training. I have hundreds of Pokémon for such training and as soon as other trainers return the Pokémon, I will move on to the next trainer. Regards, Sirenhead.
  9. great! Meet me on discord or in game for further discussion on how to proceed!
  10. Looking for trainers to train some of my non-immune Pokémon just to level 100. Offering Pds, 60k for each poke trained. Amount is negotiable, and number of Pokémon wanted to be trained depends on trainer. if more info needed, my discord is Sirenhead#9020
  11. Sirenhead Hope for an ultra beast
  12. Nothing bro never mind I figured it out. kalipo and I'll be battling soon, exactly an hour from now!!!
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