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  1. Sirenhead Hope for an ultra beast
  2. Nothing bro never mind I figured it out. kalipo and I'll be battling soon, exactly an hour from now!!!
  3. K so I just press "battle" option on kalipo's name when he is online? I did and my team remained the same....
  4. I haven't played but the most confusing part is will my new team automatically be there ???
  5. Wait how do I challenge kalipo? And when I do HOW WILL I GET MY TEAM?!!
  6. Sirenhead for both (only if I can use my current team )
  7. Hey can anyone tell me if you could find the galar pokemon and legendaries on the legacy maps once you have enabled them ???
  8. hey what would i get for the 2nd one ? yveltal and jirachi ?
  9. This problem is not just in your region, but is being faced globally. The host server will be down for a few hours, or as the website goes. https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/pokemonvortex.org.html Hope this site will solve your problem.
  10. Hi I don't think the evolution items are available yet. Some other pokemon, for example Milcery, too cannot be evolved. At least not yet.
  11. so seriously no one replied for 4 days ???
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