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  1. @Auke1993 I understand and I appreciate that you try to make this game a better place. I am fan of your YouTube streams. And this message was for Patrick and I was just being me. I have been away for quite a while now and thought to annoy Patrick a bit. I like to do that sometimes, it was all cool and nothing serious. Just a banter kind of. I couldn't do it on discord so I dropped a message here. Regards, Elmajico
  2. To @Patrick Stop being part of flock of sheep , led by a sheep with sheep avatar. You can do better. Yours truly, Elmajico
  3. As per the screenshots given it can be clearly seen that Truelegend1993 was not at fault at all. Still a mod bans them from discord server and when reason asked all other players get banned too. This is really unfair and definitely some action is required in this case.
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