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  1. I am soo sorry about this dude...i want to cry about it....I will try to reach a devolper myself
  2. Ok i want or just any shiny myth or legend that is level 100 but i really want cuz it's my fav
  3. lol i dont think u can get all of that cuz it would be greed
  4. I really need that if i cant get is than can i get a shiny level 100 legend or mythical pokemon that is level 100 please and 1 more thing. UR A GOD
  5. Or any level 100 legend or shiny
  6. can i have a shiny ?what level?
  7. Dude i am soo sorry about ur shiny necrozma being missing i really am

  8. You may have not caught it.Either you caught it and it is a glitch or you did not catch it and went straight there and not saw you did not catch it.I really am sorry for this i really am. I am Sooo sorry about this.Maybe a game devorloper can re give it to you if it was a glith which i am pretty sure it is.
  9. So i see the cave i belive is the fungal cavern on the side of red-rust,but i do not know how to get to it!Please help!I am looking for and please help!!
  10. Please tell me from which route to get t everbloom aka milos gym i am soo tired i got at least 30 shiny pokemon and 20 rare high level pokemon please help oh arceus please help!!or else i will get very unhappy pls help!
  11. Um,can anyone give me a eevee please?I just can't find one!please can I have an eevee,please???Eevee

    1. red_wolf_


      i can try to find one 

    2. tanishkac29


      Uhhhh no thx cuz that post was from v4 now i already have some

    3. tanishkac29


      But u could help me by helping me get up to fungal cavern today at 4:00 Central time

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