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  1. nice bro please admins add these pokemon please
  2. i want to draw your attention admins. Darkrai is great poke but it feels incomplete without its special attack the 'dark void'. So its a humble request that you guys add its special attack.
  3. yes true but it is merged with a another poke so its power should be balanced. nothing could be done about it right?
  4. i was thinking of a reply flame. i want draw your attention.please reply
  5. i know venom_10 is banned but before banning he released my mystic necrozma and groudon primal. Please try to bring my pokes back flame>i have really worked hard for necrozma.please dont let me down. i hope you understand flame
  6. even if he does hack he will get banned. as the game is protected.
  7. my friend hope u get ur poke back
  8. !flay please help me a guy named Venom_10 has scammed me took my pokes the pokes are #0003215565 #0003215568 now he is selling it he told me he would give me a shiny deoxys speed
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