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  1. I would love to have the great Marty hunt for me. What do you charge for UBs? Cheers.
  2. yo whats up i didnt know you were on the fourms thats cool

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      also is your profile picture red from the shawshank redemption?

    3. Rehabilitated


      lol i love that movie

  3. Hi there. Noticed that most Pokemon that evolve by gender usually have that specified on their profiles. To evolve Snorunt to Froslass, it has to be female. However, it doesn't show this on the profile. Please see below: Thank you for all the hard work put in to make the game great. Thanks!
  4. a rich poke player, 8 figure, thats my type

  5. Bro this is serious

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    2. HyperPanther


      I’m 11 bro and this is how u guys r acting

    3. Rehabilitated


      Might be too young for the game bud lol

    4. HyperPanther


      No idc I started play this when I was 7/8 yrs old

  6. What's up guys. Just had the idea of having a little link/button that automatically refreshes the "Enter Promo Code" form after you redeemed a code. It would look something like this: This allows users to redeem multiple codes without having to refresh the whole webpage. Just an idea for convenience. Cheers.
  7. I've never experienced this personally but that does seem silly. It's probably a general Discord issue. You could always just use a temporary phone number application like TextFree to verify your discord if you don't have a real phone number. Try that and see if it works
  8. Hey you're kinda cute...

  9. Sometimes you get unsolicited in-game messages from users. It would be nice to have their profile open when you click their username, whereas now clicking their user does nothing. Here is a picture to show: So when you click their username, their profile would open up on the members tab. Just an idea for convenience - You won't have to search for them in your friends list. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys. Just noticed in the clan panel the word "elitist" is misspelled as "elitest" but on profiles it shows up correctly as "elitist." Here is a screenshot illustrating: Should be a quick fix. Thanks!
  11. Sup guys. Decided to give the forum suggestion thing a chance. As we all know, the maximum amount of Pokemon someone can offer is 20 Pokemon per 1 Pokemon. My suggestion is that the checkboxes are "disabled" once you have selected exactly 20 Pokemon. This saves users the hassle of having to count the amount of Pokemon they are offering to stay within the limit and/or having to re-offer when the trade limit is exceeded. Happy to hear what people think of this idea. Cheers
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