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  1. IGN - ATHARAVA2306 Favorite Pokemon - Charizad ( Mega Y ) Pikachu Pichu Favorite Food - Chicken ( any type but should be adequately spicy, Indian Style ) * I can't join discord because of my mom so please tell the winners here also
  2. IGN - ATHARAVA2306 I am hoping to win anything but not low tier pokemon.
  3. Pokemon Vortex takes 10% non-profitable amount from all the bids. So if you sell something for 100,000 then you will get only 90,000. its written in FAQ(s) in the home tab of Pokebay auctions.
  4. I am gonna increase your followers. I will add 6 followers. IGN : ATHARAVA2306
  5. Done. Followed both If I can I would like to get all. My first preference is Keldeo ( Resolute )
  6. IGN: ATHARAAV2306 REASONS why I should win: 1. Because I am your friend 2. I want to join discord but my mom won't let me. Therefore I can't take part in the quizes. Hence, cannot win Cosmog 3. I am a poor little soul. 4. Solgaleo looks very nice. 5. I bidded on your auctions 6. If theses reasons aren't enought than I don't know how I will every get a Cosmog !!!!!
  7. I bought at least 30 lottery tickets. But didn’t win a single one.
  8. My name in the game : ATHARAVA2306 please give me the pokemon. Help this poor soul.
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