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  1. ATHARAVA2306


    Is there any other place than Unown cave where I can find Unowns ?
  2. And how can u check on which number is my Pokemon, before the login pokedex I saw the total no. Of Pokemons. I want to see at which number is my Pokemon !
  3. I would have used this but I am not allowed to use Discord
  4. How can I access Wiki Feed ?
  5. I have seen many people mention. 243rd - shiny kubfu 2nd - Eternatus How do I check this, which Pokemon have I caught from the number ?
  6. This is a quiz which is held on The discord of Pokemon Vortex.
  7. Yup. You won as nobody else entered Which Pokemon do you want ? Venusaur ( Mega ) or Blaziken ( Mega ) ??
  8. Your welcome. And do add the screenshots of the same.
  9. And add some screenshots as the mods will ask for it.
  10. I would suggest you post this problem in Bugs and Error part of the forum, so that the mods can look at this problem
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