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  1. eagleboy

    Answered banned

    damn... i really don't want to lose everything i worked so hard to achieve, i wasnt top 100 or anything but that account had a lot of sentimental value to me, thank you for helping though, maybe with a stroke of luck an admin will listen to me
  2. eagleboy

    Answered banned

    i've been banned from pokemon vortex for maybe 2-3 years now for using a script once and i was wondering if i could have that ban lifted now as this game was a big part of my childhood and would just like to enjoy the game again. i invested so much time in that game without cheats and i ruined it all by activating them once. please consider reinstating my account as i was very naive when this happened but now im very aware of my mistakes and i just want to play my childhood game again, i fell in love with this game when i was around 8-9 years old and a friend of mine introduced me to this game when it was still V2, the concept was truly amazing to me, one game where you could get any pokemon you wanted without having to complete anything (excluding legendaries) and being able to fight every single gym, elite 4 and even the orange islands was so cool to me. my friend also gave me the name "grummy" to use on the game which i went on to use as an alias for all games many years after, i stopped playing for a while but then picked the game back up again when i was 11 and the game was updated to v3 however i was young and didnt have much on my first account so i didnt mind starting again, that is when i made my account eagleboy and started playing properly and that is where i have all my memories of the game like staying up for hours getting all of the unowns in order to get an event pikachu, training and genuinely caring for my pokemon and forming bonds with them, grinding all the regions with my team to finally be able to encounter legendaries and being so distraught whenever someone on my team fainted to the point i felt like restarting the battle just to bring them back but i persevered but then at 14-15 years i lost all of that progress in a matter of seconds because i wanted a shortcut to catching darkrai and it was so heartbreaking and now im sat here years later, now 17 trying to get it all back could you please sympathize, thank you for your time
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