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  1. i can offer 2 pikachu event and 1 shiny kyogre and feel free to add me :bagaoglips
  2. hello im looking for a mewtwo armor or Hoopa unbound i can offer this kind of pokemon on the list Lucaruio mega normal 1million Exp 2 snorlax mega normal and mystic normal 474k Exp mystic 621k Exp Shiny cinderace 1milion Exp if anyone has That pokemon you can add my IGN:bagaoglips and chat me thank you godbless
  3. sry its already been trade
  4. can i get the shiny charzaredcharizard

  5. Shiny Blaziken (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 103,871 Shiny Blaziken (Mega) Attacks Flare Blitz High Jump Kick Brave Bird Earthquake Shiny Charizard (Mega X) Level: 100Experience: 90,344 Shiny Charizard (Mega X) Attacks Flare Blitz Outrage Earthquake Thunder Punch Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 65,218 Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Attacks Hydro Cannon Dark Pulse Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Shiny Gardevoir (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 133,448 Shiny Gardevoir (Mega) Attacks Future Sight Moonblast Grass Knot Thunderbolt Shiny Garchomp (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 207,441 Shiny Garchomp (Mega) Attacks Outrage Earthquake Flamethrower Iron Head Shiny Gallade (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 108,728 Shiny Gallade (Mega) Attacks Psychic Close Combat Leaf Blade Fling For Trade Chat me Each for 5 level 100 Metallic Legenarypokemons Or if not We can talk about Offers Thank you so much And God Bless
  6. Can you add more pokemons for Trade please maybe i can see pokemons that im interested thanko you
  7. IGN: bagaoglips hello im joining again in the give away maybe ill win this time
  8. please dont ask anything i made this room for trading not give away or asking so please Stop
  9. im sorry this for Trade not Give Away
  10. I Have Extra Shiny Greninja for trade I Need Shiny Blaziken Or Shiny Charmander or Shiny Charizard Or SHiny Chimchar Add my IGN: bagaoglips add me and chat me thank you (I Already My Extra Shiny Greninja For Shiny Infernape) Thank You So Much
  11. Hello Everyone i have Extra Shiny greninja for trade i need Shiny Blaziken or Shiny Charizard Add my IGN: bagaoglips Thank you godbless to all
  12. same i have also and and may new pokemon is yey
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