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  1. Well I am late can I battle on Wednesday instead? Nvm Contest closed already
  2. I am ready to battle you sana @sanathandsaathvik I already messaged you on vortex
  3. I can’t battle my opponent what do I do? Do I just lose?
  4. I couldn’t battle my opponent because I wasn’t online at the time and for some reason when I type sana’s showdown name it says Did you spell the username wrong? I copied and pasted it and it still does it. I think sana spelled it wrong.
  5. You could battle some training accounts like TrainingGenesect but that would take a while to train
  6. I don’t have enough money but you can cancel one of the poke bays and trade
  7. I hope I win this giveaway IGN: ELITE_PYThon
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