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  1. Updated! Added some more Pokémon! I might stop updating this topic soon
  2. Ign:ELITE_PYThon Thx for the giveaway
  3. Ign: ELITE_PYThon I hope I win
  4. Sorry but I don’t want to trade my absol for that
  5. Updated! Added more Pokémon in unique, starters, unique legendaries, and legendaries.
  6. I am not available at the same time kalipo is
  7. What would you like to offfer for it?
  8. Yeah I want the kyurem and ditto..132



    1. ELITE_PYThon


      Okay what do you want to offer for it?

    2. Joikevinidol


      Actually 😐 idk any idea?

      what do you want?..


  9. Updated! Added some more Pokémon!
  10. Can you battle at 11am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time for the Johto legue?

  11. Do you want kyurem and ditto? Or accidentally quoted it
  12. I found a wimpod at route 7 it’s not on the map and the wiki
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