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  1. eurstin

    General I dream about the quiz

    I dream about getting at least one new-gen pokemon name correct.
  2. eurstin

    Event Unown Event

    I'd say the event is mission accomplished considering the details are unknown
  3. eurstin

    Yardım Legal Scipt

    Scripts by definition are against the rules. Tanımlamalar gereği kodlar kurallara aykırıdır. (google translate so I doubt that's accurate)
  4. eurstin


    Giving away Porymon to the highest bidder. Auction starts at $1 USD, no reserve.
  5. There are much worse clan names than one with 69 at the end lmao
  6. eurstin


    Mind linking your channel url? I tried searching that name (walkinguynetwork) in both youtube and google and had no results. You might have misspelled your channel's name. Additionally, the channel's url name can be different from it's actual name.
  7. Could you do me a birthday solid and let me make an account called Budew? I'll fax you some cake.

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    2. Auke1993


      The game says it exists already, yet when I search for it I cannot find it.

    3. Patrick


      That means it's banned @Auke1993

    4. porymon


      Happy Belated Birthday Mate!

      Sorry to have missed it. 

  8. eurstin

    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    Seeing unobs for sale but only having 10k in my account That training account with all hoppips that only knew splash so all pokemon were immune Those were V2 days if I recall correctly
  9. eurstin

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    eurstin I love that I don't plan to quit the game, as it is a low time commitment and is pretty relaxing when played in small amounts
  10. eurstin

    Both Block people on Pokebay

    Having a user filter would be nice, cause there are some people who dump relatively useless things like avatars at 30k each, which may get annoying when trying to sort through auctions. I especially like the idea of a min/max price filter. +1 to the ideas!
  11. A few of them don't work @Auke1993
  12. eurstin

    Resolved Got banned for no reason?

    There's a reason, likely map botting
  13. eurstin

    Answered Unown event

    @sas have you or someone else caught them?
  14. eurstin

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    eurstin I'll be hitting my 3 year mark in a few weeks
  15. eurstin

    Answered Trade

    Don't make a new question for this. Refer to the trade advice thread for things like this. Also, you posted this question twice.
  16. eurstin

    General points

    https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/7304-point-calculation/#comment-49693 Just battle training accounts and catch a lot of pokemon and you should be fine.
  17. eurstin

    Uniques Valentine's Day Sale!(the new one)

    Maybe list the pokemon you're trading?
  18. eurstin

    Event Unobtainables Collection Showoff

  19. eurstin

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    That Dratinire made my day
  20. eurstin

    Answered Notification settings

    Bell button at top right>notification settings
  21. eurstin

    Answered Point

    In addition to getting your experience up, catch a lot of unique pokemon, and battle alot (and try not to lose too much).
  22. Your account>your pokemon team>change team>view all your pokemon>select pokemon to switch on left>select pokemon you want to remove from your team on the right>switch You'll need to catch more than 6 total pokemon in order to switch a pokemon off your team fyi
  23. eurstin

    Answered Account

    Donor is a retired rank. It was a V3 exclusive rank for paying $10 for a Donation Pokemon. If you want a rank that indicates you support the game, you could go to the store and purchase a premium membership for your account. Again, Donor is retired. If you just buy a Metallic Giratina (Origin), you won't get any special rank.