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  1. Hi. I need it. Please message me in game
  2. Ign - PokemasterSaku Hope to win. And congrats and thanks for the giveaway
  3. He isn't trading He is looking for them
  4. U can get it as login prize or by other mean during certain events only
  5. Hi. What for Please see my pokes once Ign - PokemasterSaku
  6. My ign - PokemasterSaku Anything would be fine And thanks for the giveaway
  7. Hi. I have a . Please message me in game. Ign - PokemasterSaku
  8. Hi. What for Please see my pokes . Ign - PokemasterSaku
  9. Hi . I have a up for trade
  10. I would like ultra ball Promocode Thanks for the giveaway
  11. Hi. What for and Please see my pokes. Ign - PokemasterSaku
  12. Ign - PokemasterSaku I pick 24 Hoping to get any thing good Thanks for the giveaway
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