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  1. No sorry Shiny zygarde isn't for trade. Also metallic aerodactyl (mega) worths 6m-8m and metallic kyurem white worths 10m and with 1.2 m exp it worths almost 13m -14m. Sorry
  2. What do u want for shiny suicune. Please check my ign and tell me. Ign - PokemasterSaku
  3. My ign is PokemasterSaku Hoping to win first giveaway (Really want )
  4. Oh. Yeah now it's a bit boring Can u make me co-leader too before distributing the prizes please
  5. Yey. But why are you quitting the game?
  6. Sorry I am not trading rayquaza or lunala. See the list
  7. No. They worth's very less Metallic kyurem white with 1.2m exp worth's almost 15M Sorry
  8. Yeah . It worth's more than event. But unique event worth's more. Also I already have metallic kartana. So sorry
  9. I too want Shiny missingo. See my ign PokemasterSaku
  10. What do you want for it. Please check my ign. PokemasterSaku
  11. Also trading mywith 1.2 m exp. Message me if you need. Ign - PokemasterSaku
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